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At Central Catholic, the academic programs offer various academic paths to reflect a student's strengths and talents. Students work together in team environments to become successful while mastering a rigorous curriculum.

Students looking for greater challenges can take advantage of the 27 Advanced Placement courses and dual enrollment, college-level courses through Syracuse University and Southern New Hampshire University.

Central Catholic excels in technology, as students use iPads instead of traditional textbooks. There are also Apple TVs in every learning area.

The faculty and staff at CCHS are a diverse group of extraordinary, dedicated and caring professionals who know the students well and are invested in their success, growth, and well-being.

They guide their students, see their individual potential and, more importantly, make sure they see it in themselves.


Course Requirements, 2019-2020
English 4 years 4 credits
Mathematics 4 years 4 credits
Religious Studies 4 years 4 credits
Science 3 years 3 credits
Social Studies 3 years 3 credits
World Language 2 years 2 credits
Computer Science 1/2 year 0.5 credits
Programming   0.5 credits
Fine & Performing Arts   0.5 credits
Health   0.5 credits

Physical Education

  0.5 credits
  4 credits




Associate Dean of Students,  Mr. Andrew Murray, works with a student.
Principal Doreen Keller Stands with a group of students.

Academic News

Group photo in front of Frida Khalo exhibit.

On Friday, March 29, visual art students visited the Museum of Fine Arts to explore exhibits that included "Gender Bending Fashion", Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular, Graciela Iturbide's photographs, Bauhaus Prints, and paintings by Monet.  On Friday, April 5, seniors enrolled in Spanish visited the MFA to explore the Exposition of Frida Khalo and the famous photographer Graciela Iturbide. 

Read More about Beyond the Classroom: Art & Spanish Students Visit MFA

The CCHS Administration

Mrs. Doreen Keller

Mrs. Doreen Keller

Mrs. Aliali Belkus

Dean of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Ms. Jeanne Burns

Ms. Jeanne Burns
Assistant Principal, Academic Dean

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner
Assistant Principal, Dean of Innovation & Academics

Mr. Andrew Murray

Mr. Andrew Murray
Assistant Principal, Dean of Students

Mr. Thomas Sipsey

Mr. Thomas Sipsey
Assistant Principal, Dean of Students