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Academic Curriculum

Student looking up from iPad during class
Mr. Leal working with a student
Student studying iPad
Ms. Homewood points out something in a book to a student.

The academic experience at Central Catholic consists of an extensive and rigorous curriculum that offers several pathways to academic success.

We offer numerous programs to provide students with additional learning opportunities and support.

Dual Enrollment for College & High School Credit

Central Catholic partners with Syracuse University and Southern New Hampshire University to offer dual enrollment courses to CCHS students, giving them the opportunity to receive both college credit and CCHS credit for a course taken at CCHS and taught by a CCHS faculty member.

Click here for more details on our AP Program and Dual Enrollment for College Credit.

Advanced Placement Program & Courses

Central Catholic offers 27 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses. The AP Program allows students to personalize an academic program that reflects their strengths and talents.

Click here for more details on our AP Program and Dual Enrollment for College Credit.

Online Learning Environment

Through partnerships with the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), for New Hampshire residents, and The Educational Cooperative Connections Academy (TECCA), for Massachusetts residents, students are able to enroll in elective online classes that are more uniquely suited to a student’s particular interests.

The Plus One Program (POP)

Juniors and seniors with a career adjusted GPA of 3.5 or higher can enroll in a seventh course in place of their study hall. 

This additional flexibility empowers student to pursue an additional interest and passion or and further satisfy their intellectual curiosity,

The Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center provides academic support to students in need of those additional resources.

The program works in collaboration with the National Honor Society to provide peer-to-peer tutoring from NHS members, in addition to tutoring from faculty members and professional tutors.

The support and resources provided, including study skill and time management workshops, help ensure the academic success of each student.

Academic News