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College Outcomes

Students wearing their college shirts on college sweartshirt day

We provide a superior college preparatory education in which 100% of our graduates gain access to excellent colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad. Our graduates are well prepared for the rigors of higher education as they enter college as mindful, dedicated students who share a seriousness of purpose.

Congratulations to our recent graduates!

College Acceptances, Recent Graduates (alpha)

The Office of School & College Counseling

The Office of School & College Counseling works with students to come up with an academic plan that's right for each student and to find the college that's the best fit for them, taking into account their talents and personalities.

College Visits to CCHS

Each year, a large number of colleges and universities visit CCHS to meet with our students.

These College Conferences are important interactions for students and a great opportunity to communicate with Admissions representatives and ask questions to help in their process of identifying the best college to continue their education.

Each conference is 30 minutes long and held in the Office of School & College Counseling. Juniors and seniors may sign up for up to six conferences using the Naviance Family Connection,

Class of 2023 Statistics



4-Year College 94%
2-Year College & Prep Schools 4%
Military Enlistment, Junior Hockey, Gap Year 2%

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