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Course Selection

The Course Selection Process for current students is currently underway. Please use this page as a resource for updated information and important dates.

Course Selection Information

Graduation Requirements

  • Students are required to pass all courses.
  • Students must complete the ONE DAY Christian Service Program. The minimum number of hours required for Christian Service is twenty-four (24) hours.
  • Freshmen and sophomores are required to take one semester of PE and one semester of Health each year.

Course Requirements, 2018-2019

English4 years4 credits
Mathematics4 years4 credits
Religious Studies4 years4 credits
Science3 years3 credits
Social Studies3 years3 credits
World Language2 years2 credits
Computer Programming1/2 year0.5 credits
Intro. to Fine & Performing Arts1/2 year0.5 credits
Health2 years0.5 credits
Physical Education2 years0.5 credits
Electives4 credits

Online Applications & Emerging Technology

(Classes of 2019-2021)

0.5 credits
Principles & Topics in Computer Science

(Class of 2022)

0.5 credits

  • With the exception of Health and Physical Education, courses that meet for two (2) semesters carry a value of one (1) credit. Courses that meet for one (1) semester carry a value of 0.5 credit.
  • Course Levels: The expectations, standards and demands of courses vary and are thus assigned various levels of difficulty. Advanced Placement (A.P.) and Level 1 courses have a higher level of difficulty and require more hours of homework. Students enrolled in these courses must also meet specific prerequisites. It is advised that students and parents/guardians choose a course level that is most appropriate for the ability of the student. The level of a course will influence the calculation of the adjusted (weighted) Grade Point Average (AGPA). Simple (un-weighted) Grade Point Averages (SGPA) are used to determine Honor Roll status. Level 4 courses are not included in the AGPA or SGPA calculations.
    • Level AP: Advanced Placement Course
    • Level 1: Honors College Prep

    Level A. P.Advanced Placement Course
    Level 1Honors College Prep Course
    Level 2Enriched College Prep Course
    Level 3Standard College Prep Course

General Course Selection Guidelines

  • Each student is required to register for six (6) core courses per year.
  • Final averages for the 2017-2018 academic year will determine whether or not a student qualifies for a particular course.
  • All course request forms must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian and School Counselor.
  • Students must choose an alternate selection for each AP and elective course.
  • Scheduling conflicts may affect a student’s elective choice(s). If a conflict arises the student will be placed in his or her alternate course selection.
  • Students who submit a course selection form late will lose priority in the selection of electives.
  • If an elective course is over-subscribed, a lottery will determine placement in the course.
  • Administration reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment.

Plus One Program (POP)

  • Open to juniors and seniors.
  • Student have a career adjusted GPA of 3.3 or higher.
  • Students who enroll in “POP” elect to take a seventh course in place of a study hall.
  • A “POP” application form must be completed and submitted with the student’s course selection form.

Advanced Placement Courses

  • Carefully evaluate the prerequisites for AP level courses.
  • AP courses require a timely and successful completion of a summer assignment.
  • All students who sign up for an AP level course must also select an alternate course.
  • If a student does not qualify for an AP course or does not successfully complete the summer assignment, he or she will be assigned to an alternate selection.
  • Students approved for AP courses must take the College Board’s A.P. Exam in May. The College Board charges an additional fee for this exam. Success on the exam is determined by the College Board. Based on the student’s performance on the A.P. exam, college credit and/or advanced placement in college may be awarded to the student. Such awards are determined by individual colleges.

Virtual High School Global Consortium

  • Many courses are being offered through the Virtual High School Global Consortium (VHS).
  • Course descriptions for VHS classes offered and approved by CCHS can be found in the VHS Course Offerings (pdf) and in the Academic Course Guide (pdf). Information concerning eligibility and prerequisites for VHS courses can also be found in the Academic Course Guide.
  • Students who wish to take VHS must meet the course prerequisites, complete an interview, and be granted approval from Ms. Burns, Academic Dean, and Mrs. Keleher, VHS Site Coordinator.
  • New: Students who enroll in an AP VHS course and drop the course will be required to pay a $75 drop fee.
  • Courses offered through VHS are monitored by a CCHS Site Supervisor.

Click here for more details on Virtual High School.

Syracuse University 'Dual Enrollment' Program

  • Courses in the dual enrollment program are:
    • Honors Forensic Science (Course 451) for four college credits
    • Honors Introduction to Personal Finance (Course 771) for three college credits
  • Dual enrollment allows students the opportunity to receive college credit for a course taken in high school. Specific information about this program can be found on the CCHS website under “Academics”, Dual Enrollment.
  • Courses taken for dual enrollment earn CCHS graduation credit and upon a fee paid to Syracuse University, earn Syracuse University college credit.

Placement Exams for the Class of 2022

Central Catholic wants you to challenge yourself and work to the best of your abilities. If you wish to challenge the academic placement we have determined for you in the areas of math, English, biology, social studies, world language, or computer science, you may do so by taking a placement exam(s.)

If you wish to challenge your placement in English, biology or social studies, you must take the English placement test. If you wish to challenge your placement in mathematics you must take the mathematics placement test. If you wish to challenge your placement in world language you must take the world language placement exam. If you wish to challenge your placement in computer science you, must take the Computer Science Programming Assessment.

Students may take more than one placement exam but only one exam can be taken each day.

There is no fee for the exam(s) but you must register for each exam.

English Exam

A placement exam in English is offered to 8th graders who have been placed in English I (Level 2), and/or Biology (level 2), and/or European Civilization (level 2.) If you wish to challenge your placement and move to Honors English I (Level 1), and/or Honors Biology and/or Honors European Civilization you must take the English exam. The score on this untimed, internal assessment will determine if your reading/writing skills qualify for the programs. A student who qualifies on this exam may take any or all of the above named classes.

World Language Exam

Students who have participated in Spanish or French programs in middle school or who are native speakers are encouraged to take a language placement exam. Based on the results of the exam, students will be placed in a world language class that is appropriate for their skill level.

Mathematics Exam

Two different exams are offered in math.
A placement exam in algebra is offered to 8th graders who have been placed in Algebra I (Level 2), course # 312, but who wish to challenge their placement and move to Honors Algebra I & II (Level 1), course # 311. Scores on this untimed, internal assessment will determine if your child should move into the Honors Algebra I & II math program. Students who have completed Honors Algebra I as 8th graders and have been placed into Honors Algebra I & II, course # 311, may take a placement exam to determine placement in a more advanced honors math class. Scores on this untimed, internal assessment will determine if your child should move into Honors Algebra II/Honors Geometry (Level 1), course # 326.

Placement exams in the area of World Language, Mathematics and English will be offered on:

  • Wed., April 25, at 2:45PM
  • Tues., May 22, at 2:45 PM
  • Wed., June 6, at 2:45 PM

Each exam takes approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Students may take more than one exam, but only one exam may be taken each day.

Sign up at:
Or email the Main Office at

Computer Science Programming Assessment

A computer science programming assessment exam is offered to 8th graders who have participated in a computer science programming course or are proficient in a computer language. There is no fee for the assessment but you must register. The assessment consists of a series of written questions that will require students to demonstrate problem solving and programming skills. Students will not be using a computer for this assessment. Students who demonstrate proficiency in the area of programming will have the option of taking Honors Video Game Design I, Course # 701 in place of Problem Solving with Programming, Course # 716.

The Computer Science Programming Assessment will be offered on:

  • Thurs., April 26, at 2:45 PM
  • Wed., May 9, at 2:45 PM

The assessment is untimed and will take approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours.

Sign up at:
Use your CCHS email account to register.

Course Selection Events

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The CCHS Administration

Mrs. Doreen Keller


Ms. Jeanne Burns

Assistant Principal, Academic Dean

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner

Assistant Principal, Dean of Innovation & Academics

Mr. Andrew Murray

Assistant Principal, Dean of Students

Mr. Thomas Sipsey

Assistant Principal, Dean of Students