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Virtual High School

For the 2018- 2019 school year, Central Catholic High School has again partnered with Virtual High School (VHS) to offer selected students the opportunity to expand their educational experience and participate in an online course that is not offered at Central Catholic.

Course descriptions for VHS classes offered and approved by CCHS can be found in the VHS Course Offerings (pdf) and also in the Academic Course Guide. An introduction to the online learning environment and additional information about VHS, can be found by going to the Virtual High School website.

What Students Need to Know

  • Twenty-five VHS “seats” are available for the 2018- 2019 school year for each semester. Students who wish to take VHS must meet the course prerequisites, complete an interview, and be granted approval from Ms. Burns, Academic Dean, and Mrs. Keleher, VHS Site Coordinator.
  • VHS does not replace an in-house requirement for Language, Science, English, Social Studies, Math or Religious Studies. Credit is given for courses chosen to fulfill an elective requirement or for participation the Plus One Program (POP).
  • Some VHS courses are one semester in length; others are full year courses. Students who enroll in a one semester VHS may choose to take a 2nd VHS class the other semester. Students may elect to keep only one semester of VHS and have a study the other semester.
  • Students who enroll in an AP course through VHS must follow the AP policies established by CCHS and VHS and are required to take the AP examination in May.
  • Final selection and notification of VHS placement will be completed in May.


  • Students taking VHS as part of the Plus One Program (POP) must have a career adjusted GPA of 3.3 or higher.
  • The ability to learn independently and to make and keep commitments and submit assignments on time are essential to the success of a VHS student. Students enrolled in an online course must demonstrate strong time management skills, disciplined work habits, and good problem solving skills.
  • Students are required to secure access to internet access outside of scheduled VHS class time though home computer(s), a public library or use of the CCHS library computers.
  • Students are required to spend time at home on homework, projects and other independent assignments in a VHS course just as in a traditional face-to-face class.

Additional Information

  • Each course offered through VHS has its own set of requirements, learning objectives and expectations.
  • Each student is required to comply with the individual VHS teacher’s expectations. The VHS teacher is an online teacher employed by VHS.
  • Each participant will be scheduled to spend the equivalent of a full class period each day in the Library during school hours to work on his/her VHS course.
  • All assignments are completed online and are monitored by the VHS Site Coordinator, Mrs. Kris Keleher, Director of Library Services & Media Services.

Course Selection Events

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Virtual High School Site Coordinator & Academic Dean

Mrs. Kristina Keleher

Director of Library & Media Services

Ms. Jeanne Burns

Assistant Principal, Academic Dean