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Midterm & Final Exams

Good luck to all students as they take their exams!

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Exam Schedule

Good luck to all students!

Exams will begin at 7:40 AM on each exam day and will end by 12:20 PM.

Exam Schedule

  • Tuesday, January 21
    • 7:40 - 9:50: English
    • 10:15- 12:15: Mathematics
  • Wednesday, January 22
    • 7:40 - 9:50: Science
    • 10:15- 12:15: Religious Studies
  • Thursday, January 23
    • 7:40 - 9:50: Social Studies
    • 10:15- 12:15: World Language
  • Friday, January 24
    • Make-ups and conflicts

Exam Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures:

  1. Any change in a student’s exam schedule must be approved by Ms. Burns, Academic Dean.
  2. There is no homeroom during midterm exam week. Students report directly to their exam room. Room assignments will be emailed and posted throughout the school building.
  3. The first exam each day is from 7:40 AM – 9:50 AM Students must be in the exam room by 7:40 AM for prayer and announcements.
  4. The second exam is 10:15 AM – 12:15 PM Students must be in the exam room by 10:10 AM.
  5. The Library & Media Center is not open during Exam Week.
  6. Regular dress code is in effect for all students during Exams.
  7. With the exception of graphing calculators, all electronic devices should be secured and in student lockers. No student may enter an exam room with a cell phone, smartwatch, iPad, or laptop.
  8. Between exams, students are not permitted to leave the building or go to their cars. Students must report to the cafeteria or the Memorial Gym/Pub area to eat or socialize. The Theater will be available between exams for quiet study. The Library is not open during exams.
  9. There is no cafeteria service during Exam Week. Only food from the vending machines will be available in the cafeteria. 
  10. If a student is not scheduled to take the first exam, he or she need not report to school until the start of the second exam. If a student is not scheduled for the second exam, he or she may go home after the first exam. If a student remains in the school, but is not scheduled to take an exam, they must report and remain in the cafeteria. Students cannot wander through the building while an exam is in process.
  11. If a student is absent from an exam, the parent/guardian must call the school, provide a note from the parent/guardian on their return and provide a note from a physician. Students who are absent for an exam because of illness must provide a note from a doctor.
  12. Wednesday of Exam Week is currently designated as a no school day and an opportunity for students to study and prepare for exams on Thursday. 
  13. The procedure in the event of cancellation will be as follows: If an exam day is cancelled, the exams scheduled for that day will take place the next school day. Each exam day will then be moved ahead a day. 

Academic Success Center Hours & Seminars

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Upcoming Exams

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Study & Exam Day Tips

15 Tips for Exam Success

Students learn differently, and it is safe to say that they study differently, too. Research over the years has identified a handful of well-founded techniques that will not only help students to remember the content/information for exam day, but also help them to retain the information learned throughout the semester for years to come.

  1. Make a plan for when to study for each course...avoid ineffective, last-minute cramming.
  2. Make a plan of what to study for each course...teachers often give final exam study guides.
  3. Break study sessions for each exam into chunks
  4. Spend most of the study time preparing and a little time reviewing.
  5. Study actively instead of passively (rewrite notes in a different organization system instead of re-reading notes and chapters).
  6. Plan to concentrate for reasonable periods of time (2-3 hours) with breaks.
  7. Work on more than one subject rather than a single subject over the course of an evening.
  8. Study difficult subjects or subjects with low interest first while you are still fresh.
  9. Vary your study locations to help the brain connect with information.
  10. Avoid distractions (ahem...cell phone, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
  11. Be aware of information that you don't understand so that you can ask your teacher for clarification before exam day.
  12. Review study materials right before the exam.
  13. On exam day, look over the whole exam first and jot down notes to relieve stress.
  14. On exam day, divide up the exam mentally by the clock to stay on task.
  15. Lastly, review your work and make sure that you have the best answers, don't concern yourself with when other students finish the exam.

Video: The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

You've got this!

You've Got This!

After all, you've got Marist (just like Mr. Shanahan!)

Got Marist

Mindfulness Resources

Stop, Breathe, & Think

Stop what you are doing. Check in with what you are thinking, and how you are feeling.

Practice mindful breathing to create space between your thoughts, emotions and reactions.

Broaden your perspective and strengthen your force field of peace with personalized meditations and activities.

Click here for the Stop, Breathe, Think website.

Click here for the iPad/iPhone App.

Stop, Breathe, ThinkMeditation and mindfulness made easy and fun for kids, to help them discover and develop their superpowers of sleep, being calm, learning to breathe or to resolve conflicts.

Prayer Resources from Campus Ministry

A Student's Prayer by St. Thomas Aquinas

Come, Holy Spirit, Divine Creator, true source of light and fountain of wisdom! Pour forth your brilliance upon my dense intellect, dissipate the darkness which covers me, that of sin and of ignorance. Grant me a penetrating mind to understand, a retentive memory, method and ease in learning, the lucidity to comprehend, and abundant grace in expressing myself. Guide the beginning of my work, direct its progress, and bring it to successful completion. This I ask through Jesus Christ, true God and true man, living and reigning with You and the Father, forever and ever.

Stay Calm with Zentangles...

One of the ways our art students maintain peace and relaxation while preparing for exams is by drawing Zentangles. Thank you to art teacher Ms. Lauren Bingham for sharing this idea.

Student Prayers by 'Living Prayers'

Prayer for Exams Success (a short prayer for passing an exam)


I pray that you would help me pass this exam. Thank you for your guidance in leading me to this study and for sustaining me as I have worked for this qualification. I ask now that your spirit would lead me. Come sharpen my thinking and help me to excel in this test of my learning and understanding. May I be able to recall everything I need from my studies and answer each question well.


Prayer Before Exam (a prayer for guidance and inspiration for an upcoming exam test)


Be with me as I take this exam.
Keep my mind alert and my memory sharp.
Calm my nerves and help me concentrate.
I know that you walk with me,
Guiding my path and inspiring my heart.
I pray that I would feel you with me,
And that your friendship would soften the pressure I feel.
I pray that I would pass this exam and go on to new things with you.
Thank you for your peace and your love in my life.
Thank you for your kindness and care for me.


Prayer for Exam Anxiety (a prayer for God's peace to come)

Heavenly Father,

Only your peace can sustain me through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace surpasses all understanding. I ask for this gift and choose to lean upon you at this time.
Lord, come and remind me of your unfailing love.
Remind me that you hold me safe, you understand me, and you cherish me.
I lay down my fears before you.
I leave them at the foot of the cross, for you have overcome the world.
I choose to give you all my concerns, worries and fears of failure.
I trust that your loving hand will hold me through these exams and lead into a bright future.


Short Prayer After Exam

Lord God,
Thank you for this opportunity to learn new skills and stretch my understanding.
Thank you for guiding me through this time of study into the final exams.
I lay before you all the hopes and fears I have about the outcome.
May you place a peace within me now as I rest and await the results.
Thank you that I am safely held in your love.
Thank you that whatever happens in the future I will live in your goodness and walk with you always.


Read more at Living Prayers.

The CCHS Administration

Mrs. Doreen Keller

Mrs. Doreen Keller

Mrs. Aliali Belkus

Dean of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Ms. Jeanne Burns

Ms. Jeanne Burns
Assistant Principal, Academic Dean

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner
Assistant Principal, Dean of Innovation & Academics

Mr. Andrew Murray

Mr. Andrew Murray
Assistant Principal, Dean of Students

Mr. Thomas Sipsey

Mr. Thomas Sipsey
Assistant Principal, Dean of Students