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School & College Counseling

Mr. McCarthy works with students in the Office of School & College Counseling.

Upcoming Counseling Events

Our mission in the School & College Counseling Center is to educate, help develop, and identify individual student strengths and connect those strengths to a future educational path.

We work extensively with students to help them identify what is the best fit college for that young person to continue their education.

The process starts in the fall of their freshman year as students establish academic, social, and extra curricular goals as they transition to Central Catholic.

Counselors and students connect individually, in small and large group seminars, and in assemblies in each of their four years in our high school.

The Four-Year Journey

College Visits to CCHS

Each year, a large number of colleges and universities visit CCHS to meet with our students.

These College Conferences are important interactions for students and a great opportunity to communicate with Admissions representatives and ask questions to help in their process of identifying the best college to continue their education.

Each conference is 30 minutes long and held in the Office of School & College Counseling. Juniors and seniors may sign up for up to six conferences using the Naviance Family Connection.

The Counseling Team

We are a dynamic office that is staffed by a Director of School & College Counseling, six School Counselors, and one Administrative Assistant. Each student has the same assigned Counselor throughout their high school experiences to allow for continuity and the best development of defining best fit college for each student

Each student has access to all members of the School Counseling team.

Mr. Kevin McCarthy

Director of School & College Counseling

Ms. Jessica Atkinson

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Patricia Bell


Mrs. Lisa Finneran


Bro. John Kachinsky


Mrs. Michelle Kline


Ms. Kristin Tetreau


Mrs. Abbie Winskowicz