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Summer Reading

Summer Reading LogoFor over 20 years, Central Catholic's Summer Reading program has been cultivating a love of reading within students while serving as a model for other schools and educators.

About Summer Reading

Summer Reading for Pleasure and Credit is an optional Summer Reading program at Central Catholic. This program is designed to encourage students to develop a love of reading with all of its attending benefits, both academic and personal. The books in this program have been chosen with pleasure reading in mind.

Students who choose to participate and register for the program will be required to read three books and to complete a reading response journal.

Students who successfully complete the journal earn one-quarter credit and are not required to take the January 2019 English Mid-Term Exam.

The 2018 Summer Reading Book Selections...

Book 1

Book cover of 'Girl in the Blue Coat'Girl in the Blue Coat

by Monica Hesse

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Pre-Reading Guide

Discussion Guide

Book 2

Book cover of 'A Long Way Down'Long Way Down

by Jason Reynolds

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Pre-Reading Guide

Discussion Guide