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Summer Reading: Raider Book Club

This summer, the Library & Media Center is launching a new Summer Reading: Raider Book Club!

The goal of the Raider Book Club is to cultivate a love of reading and books.

As such, there are no formal assignments and no academic requirements or credit.

The Book Club provides an informal forum for students to discuss books, deepen their engagement and understanding, and engage with their peers – this is a great opportunity for freshman readers to meet some classmates! 


Follow @ccraider_library on Instagram for reading prompts to get students thinking as they read and to contribute to their understanding and enjoyment of the story!

Book Club Moderators

Mrs. Kristina Keleher

Director of Library & Media Services

Mrs. Jessica LaBrie

Info for Summer Reading Book Club


Meetings of the Raider Book Club

There are no events to display

Click here for additional details on the program, and check out some of the Book Club recommendations below!

Book Club Recommendations