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iPad 1:1 Learning Environment

Mr. Andrew Murray works with a student.We are proud to be one of the first schools in the area to utilize technology to its fullest by enhancing the teaching and learning experience through our iPad 1:1 learning program. Students participate in an innovative and highly engaging learning environment that has transformed the educational experience at Central Catholic.

Mr. Ringuette working with a student.

Students use their iPads in each class as:

  • A medium for their direct participation in - and interaction with - the learning process;
  • A means of richer collaboration with their teachers and other students;
  • A powerful organizational tool;
  • A vehicle for research; and
  • A tool for completing and submitting assignments.
Student in class holding iPad
Teacher and student with iPads
“Central Catholic faculty weave technology into the entire curriculum. We were one of the first schools in the region to implement a 1:1 learning environment with our iPad initiative. Students learning problem solving and critical thinking skills through coding during their freshman or sophomore year – a requirement unique to Central Catholic.”
-Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner, Director of Innovation & Academic TechnologiesMrs. Jodi Kriner

iPad Buying Guide

Each freshman will be required to own an iPad with a minimum of 256 GB of memory9th generation or newer, compatible earbuds or headphones, and a case with a keyboard. AN iPad Pro or an iPad Air is also acceptable.

Buying Information:

  • We recommend the 10th Generation iPad (supports Apple Pencil) with WiFi. WiFi + Cellular iPads are not needed. iPads that do have cellular access will need to have that feature disabled while used at school.
  • Students must purchase earbuds or headphones to be used with their iPad. If students already have earbuds or headphones, they are welcome to use them, but please be sure they are compatible with your iPad.
  • Students must purchase a case with a keyboard. We recommend the Zagg Ultrathin or Portfolio keyboard cases. If students already have a keyboard case or personal preference, they are welcome to use it.
  • We recommend students purchase a stylus for taking notes.
  • You can purchase the iPad from any Apple store, the online Apple Education store, or another authorized Apple retailer.
  • Care & Insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase a case with a keyboard to protect your child’s iPad from accidental damage (see above). Additionally, CCHS recommends that you purchase either AppleCare+ or insurance coverage for accidental damage. We recommend you purchase AppleCare+
    • AppleCare+: In addition to providing coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage ($49 service fee for each incident), AppleCare+ also includes software and technical support. Visit AppleCare+ for more details. The purchase price, which does not include the service fees, is $69.
    • The device may be covered by a homeowner insurance policy, but repair costs for damage may not exceed the deductible. To pursue extra coverage, you can check with the retailer where you purchase the iPad or contact your family insurance agency or AppleCare+.
  • iPads can be purchased from the Apple Education Online Store ($20.00 less than most retailers), the Apple Store, or any retailer than sells Apple devices.

Frequently Googled Questions

Student works wiith his iPad in the  library.

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The Information Technology Department

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner

Director of Innovation and Academic Technologies

Mr. Shawn Hanson

Manager of IT Services

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Manager of Desktop Support Services