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Enroll at Central Catholic High School

How to Enroll as a Transfer Student

Complete the following four steps to secure your child's seat as a student at Central Catholic High School.

  1. Visit FACTS to sign up for a tuition payment plan option (see "Payment Plan Options" on this page). This will identify your decision to enroll your child at CCHS and will record your tuition payment selection. Once you have selected your desired plan...
  2. Print the “Thank you” page that is shown on FACTS after you have selected your desired plan.
  3. Complete the Student Master Form and tuition deposit (in the form of a check).
  4. Return the following required items to Central Catholic:

Taking these actions and submitting those three items to us will secure your child’s seat for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Note: The tuition deposit is not a registration fee, as CCHS does not have one, but instead a non-refundable tuition deposit which will be credited to your tuition account for the 2020-2021 school year.  In order to ensure that your payment is applied correctly, please print your child’s full name in the memo section of your check.

Master Form

First page of the PDF file: Masterfile
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FACTS is a tuition management solution provider that offers simple, secure, and convenient payment plans and grant/financial need assessment for schools nationwide.

Tuition at Central Catholic

For the upcoming academic year of 2020-2021, the CCHS tuition has been set at $14,920. The CCHS Board of Directors acknowledges the investment of families in their children’s education and therefore endeavors to maintain modest and manageable tuition increases which typically range between 3% and 5%. While most private and Catholic secondary schools are increasing tuition for 2020-2021 in a range of between 5% and 9%, Central Catholic’s tuition represents an increase of just 3% over the 2019-2020 tuition rate.

How can we help?

If you have any questions about the tuition payment plans that have not been addressed, or if I might be able to help you further, please contact the Business Office at 978-682-0260 ext. 650.

Thank you, and congratulations on being offered acceptance to the Class of 2024.

-Mr. Dan Cargill, Business Manager