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A Powerful Alumni Network

Take advantage of the Central Catholic Alumni Network through Central Connects, an exciting new online networking platform specifically for the CCHS community.

"On average, alumni are connected to less than 1% of their fellow alumni on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. But 9 out of 10 alumni are willing to help, and would even prefer to hire, a fellow alumnus or student from a shared community."

How can you take advantage of the Central Catholic Alumni Network? 

Central Connects

A Powerful Alumni Networking Platform from Central Catholic


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Find and stay in touch with fellow CCHS graduates.

Give back...

An alum speaking with two younger alums

Employ and offer to act as a mentor to graduated Raiders.


Group of young alumni at alumni event

Leverage your alumni network. Reach out to Raiders and advance your career.

Contact me with any questions!

Mrs. Theresa Taft

Mrs. Theresa Taft

Alumni Engagement Associate
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