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Raider Day of Giving 2023

Make a Wave... I Gave

A powerful fundraising effort that connects everyone who loves and supports the mission of Central Catholic High School!

Looking back at Raider Day of Giving 2023

Raider Day of Giving Banner

Total Gifts By Category

Total Gifts 1,371 gifts
Alumni/Students 822 gifts
Parents/Parents of Alumni 605 gifts
Current Parents 405 gifts
Faculty & Staff 100 gifts
Grandparents 115 gifts

*Please note: one gift can count in several categories (as a parent gift, as an alum gift, and as a faculty/staff gift if the giver is a member of each of those groups) - but it only counts as one gift toward the total number of gifts!

Top Classes

Place Class # of gifts
1st place 1994 65 gifts
2nd place 1998 50 gifts
3rd place 1967 42 gifts
4th place 1995 39 gifts
5th place 1966 30 gifts
6th place 2000 27 gifts
7th place 1971 22 gifts
8th place 2002 20 gifts
9th place 1997 19 gifts
10th place (tie) 1959 18 gifts
10th place (tie) 1985 18 gifts

Challenge Gifts

The Final Challenge

Raider Day of Giving Raffle Prizes

The Great Wave LEGO Set

Everyone who made a gift to Raider Day of Giving or completed the Alumni Update Form was entered into a raffle for wonderful gifts and prizes!

The Advancement Team

Mr. David Erwin

Chief Advancement Officer

Mr. David DeFillippo

Advancement Associate

Mrs. Jennifer Plouffe

Associate Director of Advancement

Mr. Chuck Putney

Website Project & Content Manager

Mrs. Joelle Sader

Advancement Assistant

Mrs. Tammy Stott

Advancement Services Manager

Mrs. Theresa Taft

Alumni Engagement Associate

Mrs. Heather Torla Sousa

Annual Giving and Communications Manager