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Career Exploration archive

The Career Exploration Series, now in its seventh year, connects interested students with some of the leading professionals in their fields, most of whom are CCHS alumni.





Dr. Donald Ganim '81, Anesthesiologist at Lahey Beverley Hospital, describes the day to day aspects of his profession during this December 15th, 2016 career exploration session.

Students have had the opportunity to speak with a DEA agent, an award winning dancer, a trial lawyer, a journalist, a surgeon, and an entrepreneur and restaurant owner, among others. These sessions were enjoyed by our students and speakers alike. Thank you to all of you who have served as mentors to our students or who have committed to serve in the future.

The goal of the Career Exploration experience is to educate and expose our students to the many different professional and trade opportunities available to them. The Guidance Department and the Office of Mission Advancement have teamed up to provide our students the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversations with alumni, parents, and friends representing many different career paths.

Sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, beginning promptly at 7:20am in the Office of Mission Advancement and concluding at 7:50am, in time for students to attend their first period class.

If you are interested in serving as a career mentor, please contact Mr. David Erwin, Chief Advancement Officer, at 978-682-0260 ext. 656,

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Upcoming Presentations

Institutional Advancement Office - Hampshire Street Building - 104

Doug Ferguson '85, VP Regulatory, Quality and Clinical/Consultant, Tryton Medical/Consultant will discuss careers in the Medical Field.

His presentation will touch on the academic education, training, aptitudes, and skills needed to pursue a career in this field, as well as the outlook for successful employment in the future.

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  • Mrs. Tammy Stott, Advancement Services Manager,


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