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Faith & Service

Students holding a hammer and drill at worksite

Make a difference in the world... START RIGHT HERE!

We inspire our students to make a difference by serving, leading, and being people of integrity.

As a Marist Brothers’ school, we ask students to serve people most in need and grow in their relationship with God.

These Marist values are at the heart of the Central Catholic experience and will be integral in shaping who they are and how they live.

Students are inspired to fully live the mission of Central Catholic and the Marist Brothers by making Jesus known and loved and by serving others, especially the least favored.

Each day, students are given the opportunity to develop, practice, and express their faith through activities that include daily prayer, prayer services, liturgies, retreats, Christian service, volunteer programs at local shelters and soup kitchens, and various leadership opportunities.

Spiritual and moral growth are cultivated within each student as a key component of personal development.

While our Campus Ministry programs reflect our Marist heritage and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, there are various faith traditions within our community, and the religious identities of our non-Catholic students are respected and affirmed.

Marks of the Marist Student

As Marists educators who follow in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, we are called to evangelize and make Jesus Christ known and loved through the complete education of young men and women.

We accompany our students in their development as people who are rooted in Gospel and Marist values, who develop into good Christians and good citizens, “harmonizing faith, culture and life.”

As such, Marist students should be:

  1. Faith-filled Disciples: Marist students come to possess a strong sense of God and a personal relationship with Jesus, Mary and Saint Marcellin fostered through religious formation, a sacramental life, and prayer.
  2. Empowered Witnesses: Marist students, recognizing Mary as their model and companion, become joyful witnesses to God’s love in their lives, enabling them to see Christ in others, to live simply, morally and with integrity, respecting all of life and creation.
  3. Agents of Justice and Service: Marist students grow in their understanding of Catholic social teaching and stand in compassionate solidarity with the least favored.
  4. Leaders: Marist students recognize that they are lovingly created by God with unique gifts and talents which, through their Baptism, they are called to develop and share with the Church and the wider community.
  5. Spirit-filled members of Family & Community: Marist students embody a spirit which celebrates and welcomes all.

Upcoming Campus Ministry Events

The Esopus NY Encounter
all day
The Marist Brothers Center at Esopus (New York)
Chapel Open Hours
Carney Family Chapel - South Wing - 214
Chapel Open Hours
Carney Family Chapel - South Wing - 214
Chapel Open Hours
Carney Family Chapel - South Wing - 214
Liturgical Band & Chorus
Music Suite - South Wing - 115
Chapel Open Hours
Carney Family Chapel - South Wing - 214
We Are Marist

Guided by the vision of St. Marcellin Champagnat, we are inspired to make the world a better place by serving and leading.

Marist Family Spirit distinguishes who we are and is the cornerstone of our Central Catholic community.