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Missions Collections

Central Catholic participates in monthly missions collections as we strive to fulfill our mission and follow the example of Jesus with a loving response to "the least favored and those in need."

All donations go directly to those in need, and we typically collect for various local, national, and international organizations with whom we have a Marist connection.

Thank you for supporting the Missions Collections at Central Catholic!

Our Marist Lenten Solidarity Project

Your donations will help the people in need in two different countries.


In Venezuela, there are: nine Marist schools, 450 Marist teachers and staff, and almost 5,000 students

They need our help! People in Venezuela are struggling, so our donations will allow food to be delivered to our Marist family.

Your support will help ensure monthly deliveries of packages ($27 worth) of essential food and water for these students and staff. 


With everything happening in Ukraine, they need our support more than ever. Women and children who are fleeing to neighboring countries need our help.

Half of our donations will go to the people affected by the war and suffering in Ukraine. 

As a Marist family we can come together to support one another around the world.

Stand together with Ukraine and Venezuela. 

Donations can be made through the credit card form on this page or via Venmo: @cchs_missions.

Thank you for everything you do to support our Marist mission and demonstrate that we are part of a global family.

We can make a difference.

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How You Can Help

Studnets holding gifts
Student in protective face mask and gloves with donated food
Students and staff standing by Lazarus House truck