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Called to Serve

Our community and the compassion with which we lead and live our faith are what make Central Catholic distinctive and truly unique.

Three students working with food donations

The ONE DAY Christian Service Learning Program

All students participate in our Christian Service Learning Program, known as One Day, in which Central Catholic High School students give at least one day (24 hours) of service to those who need it most. Over 80% of CCHS students give well beyond their one day of service and continue to assist those in need.

The program grows from the mission of Central Catholic High School: to make Jesus known and loved, to educate the whole person and to serve others, especially the least favored.

Service projects and opportunities are designed to help students discover how they can make a difference in our world by leading and through building relationships with the least favored.

Students often volunteer their time to assist the poor, the homeless, the sick, the elderly, those in nursing homes or assisted living, as well as people who are mentally or physically challenged or have special needs.

Students holding a hammer and drill at worksite

Bro. Vincent Dinnean, FMS Outstanding Christian Service Award

Since 2007, each year at graduation, one senior is recognized for the exemplary service to the least favored with the Bro. Vincent Dinnean, FMS Outstanding Christian Service Award. This award is given in memory of Bro. Vinny, who consistently demonstrated extraordinary dedication to service and humility while building relationships with surrounding service organizations.

Below is the list of award winners.
Anna Flynn 2020
Addison Jaromin 2020
John Boyle 2019
Victoria Kish 2019
Meghna Iyer 2018

Isabel Dawson


Angelica Guzman-Gagne


Savannah Bynum


Julie Desjardins


Edward Orkney


Anya Housianitis


Michelle Abou-Raad


Gregory Rickenbacker


Samantha Murray


Lisa Hua


Anna Van


Catherine Desjardins


Kerri Bichekas


Service in the News

Students pose with socks

Did you know that one of the most asked for clothing items by people in need is socks? In January, the National Honor Society held a School Sock Drive, collecting 4,000 new pairs of socks and funds to purchase 200 additional pairs of children socks and 600 pairs of underwear for children in need. What a wonderful way to live out our Marist mission of love and care for others!

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