Will You Help Us Achieve Our Dreams?

Andrew Komboura '20 holding a sign that says "Software Engineer"
Surabhi Keesara '20 holding sign that says, "Computer Programer"
Jack Stanislas '19 holding sign that says "Aerospace Engineer"
Maria Graziano '19 holding sign that says "Neuroscientist"

Invest In Our Dreams

From Neuroscientists to Journalists, Central Catholic High School students DREAM BIG! Your support will help our students realize their dreams!

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“I enjoy designing conceptual structures that will be efficient and purposeful environments for people. My AP and Honors Calculus, Physics and Art classes and the skills I’m learning at Central Catholic are helping my dream of becoming an Architect come true. I absolutely love the extracurricular activities CCHS offers to apply and practice my passions.”

Adrian Suciu, Senior Year, Hometown: Danville, NH

Adrian Suciu '19 holding sign that says "Architect"
Juliana Porto '20 holding sign that says "Investigative Journalist"

“As an Investigative Journalist, I want to inform the general public about important information that impacts their lives and that they would otherwise be unaware of. Central Catholic pushes me towards my dream through my Honors English classes which expand my vocabulary and allows me to find my own voice and style. The Honors History classes allow me to reach a deeper knowledge and understanding of world issues and the politics behind these issues.”

Juliana Porto, Junior Year, Hometown: Salem, NH

I wish to support the dreams of CCHS students!

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