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The O'Sullivan Memorial Alumni Race and Walk

Join us virtually for the 15th year of honoring the legacy of Peter O'Sullivan '67...

Peter O'Sullivan '67 was a long-time teacher and coach at Central Catholic High School.

Whether you ran with Coach O, were coached by him, taught by him, or have only heard stories about him, we all have a great opportunity to celebrate in thanksgiving the gifts he bestowed to each one of us.

The 15th Annual Race Goes Virtual!

Traditionally held the day before Thanksgiving, this year's race is going VIRTUAL and offers several ways to celebrate Coach O's memory, whether it's by running in his honor, making a donation to his scholarship fund, sharing a memory or shout-out on the message board, or scrolling through photos of Coach O. and the race held each year in his honor!

Join us virtually in celebrating Coach O. through Monday, November 30!

Welcome to this Year's Race!

Kick of this year's race with welcomes from:

  • Chris Sullivan '81, Central Catholic President;
  • Debby O'Sullivan, wife of Peter O'Sullivan;
  • Robert Benedetto '89, teacher, track coach, and race organizer.

Enjoy this year's race, and happy Thanksgiving!

Running the Reservoir Virtually

Run the traditional course route with teacher, track coach, and race organizer Robert Benedetto '89.

Wearing a GoPro camera, Coach Benedetto runs the Reservoir course route, which includes the infamous double decker hill, while enjoying views of the water tower and the city and reflecting on Coach O. He ends his run with a rendition of the Alma Mater, of course.

A Virtual Prayer Service

Campus Minister Bro. Rene Roy, FMS, '59 and student Sebastian Benedetto '22 pay tribute to Peter O'Sullivan '67 as part of this year's virtual Peter O'Sullivan '67 Memorial Race and Walk.

Bro. Rene leads a virtual prayer service followed by a moving performance by Sebastian on the bagpipes.

Ways to Participate!

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Group of runners heading toward the tower