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Final Exams

Good luck to all students as they take their exams!

Gif of grad celebrating

You've got this!

You've Got This!

Exams & Seminars

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Final Exam Study Tips...

Infographic of Study Tips

Study & Exam Day Tips

Promoting Mental Health During Exams

From your School Adjustment Counselors

Here are some tips to help promote mental health during final exams. Remember, self care is most important. A calm mind can accomplish almost anything!

Stay Calm with Zentangles...

One of the ways our art students maintain peace and relaxation while preparing for exams is by drawing Zentangles. Thank you to art teacher Mrs. Lauren Roeser for sharing this idea.

Prayer Resources from Campus Ministry

The CCHS Administration

Mr. Andrew Murray

Mr. Andrew Murray

Mrs. Aliali Belkus

Mrs. Aliali Belkus
Dean of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ms. Jeanne Burns

Ms. Jeanne Burns
Assistant Principal, Academic Dean

Mr. Nathan Lamar

Mr. Nathan Lamar
Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning

Mr. Thomas Sipsey

Mr. Thomas Sipsey
Assistant Principal for Student Success