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Clubs & Activities

Three students biking down a trail with beautiful foliage.
Boy playing guitar
Two students playing chess
Students holding a hammer and drill at worksite

Our students are passionate and involved.

Our many clubs, activities, and teams provide the chance to develop your interests while forging life-long friendships.

At Central Catholic, you'll be able to explore over 50 clubs and activities to find the best fit for your personality, talents, and interests.

Explore the Online Activities Guide

Creating New Clubs & Activities!

Please note that this listing is not an exhaustive, final list of offerings at Central Catholic. 

We are adding and creating new opportunities as interest is shown, so please see Student Activities about new opportunities!

If you don't find what you're looking for within the Online Activities Guide, see Student Activities so we can assist you in creating a new club!

Activities Office

Director of Athletics & Activities

Mr. Zachary Blaszak

Mr. Zachary Blaszak

Assistant Director of Activities

Mr. Matthew Joyal

Mr. Matthew Joyal

Students cheering in the Red Sea student fan section

Student skiers and snowboarders at the top of the mountain.
Students flying drone
Four students and a teacher at Camp Champagnat

The Student Activities Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Aug 27
Wed, Aug 30
Thu, Aug 31
Fri, Sep 1
Sat, Sep 2
Sun, Sep 3
Mon, Sep 4
Wed, Sep 6
Fri, Sep 8
Sat, Sep 9

Student Activity News

Students posed in front of the Marist Brothers Center

This July, several members of the Class of 2025 and three alumni spent a week participating in Marist Youth Leadership Camp 2023 at the Marist Brothers Center in Esopus, NY, with over 100 rising juniors, staff, and young alumni from the other Marist high schools in the United States (and one from Quebec).

Read More about Lead Like a Marist