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End-of-Year Giving Details

The Central Catholic Experience would not be possible without the love and support of our many volunteers and generous benefactors.

As you prepare to make year-end gifts, here is some helpful information on maximizing the impact of your donations while minimizing your taxes.

On behalf of the students we serve, thank you for your continued support!

Interlocking C's above "Thank You" written in script
Group of students looking up - photo taken from balcony
Group of students in front of double c's logo on wall with Bro. Rene - smiling and laughing

Contribute Appreciated Stock

(As Opposed to Cash)

Sell Depreciated Assets

(And Donate the Proceeds)

Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution From Your IRA

Help Offset Tax Liability on a Retirement Account Withdrawal

Creating a Legacy Through Planned Giving

Double the Impact of Your Gift

(Through Matching Gift Programs)

Burning candle with crucifix in background

Make a Tribute Gift

Any year-end gift can be made in a loved one’s name or in honor of someone. This can be a heartfelt way to celebrate someone important in your life or to honor their memory.

Make a Gift

Contact Mr. David Erwin P'24 with any questions.

David Erwin

David Erwin

Chief Advancement Officer
Aerial photo of Central Catholic Campus