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Raider Day of Giving

Thank you for making our 5th Annual Raider Day of Giving on June 11 our largest ever!

We received 801 gifts from over 70 classes, 32 states, and three countries!

Official results, including raffle winners and top classes, are below.

Infograhic with image of students thank you, and details on the Raider Day of Giving
Students holding up high fives
Students in fan section, photo has Day of Giving banner and info.
Group of students in classroom, leaning over table
Four smiling students

The Central Catholic Family far exceeded the goal of 500 gifts in support of the students of Central Catholic High School - surpassing 800 gifts for the first time in the history of the school.

Map of the US inidicating which states gave!

Official Results, Updated June 18, 2020

Total # of Gifts: 801

All Challenge Gifts Achieved!

$5,000 for 300 parent gifts (Board of Directors)

$5,000 for 750 total gifts (Board of Directors)

$10,000 for 700 total gifts (Development Committee)

$10,000 for 600 gifts (Board of Directors)

$5,000 for 500 total gifts (1964 alum)

$10,000 for 400 gifts (Board of Directors)

$5,000 for 200 gifts (1984 alum)

$5,000 for 250 parent gifts

Total Challenge Gifts = $55,000

Thank you to all those who made Challenge Gifts and to those who helped us achieve them!

Raider Day of Giving Banner

Total Gifts By Category

Total Gifts 801 gifts
Alumni 543 gifts
Current Parent 320 gifts
Faculty & Staff 109 gifts
Grandparent 64 gifts
Parent of Alumni 254 gifts

*Please note: one gift can count in several categories (as a parent gift, as an alum gift, and as a faculty/staff gift if the giver is a member of each of those groups) - but it only counts as one gift toward the total number of gifts!

Raider Day of Giving Day Raffle Prize Winners

Gif of students shooting off confetti

Anyone who made a gift to the Raider Day of Giving or completed the form was entered into a raffle for wonderful gifts and prizes!

Raider 'High Five' Knit Gloves

Everyone who made a gift prior to 7:00 AM on Thursday, June 11, will be receiving a pair of Raider 'High Five' Knit Gloves via mail in the coming weeks!

Raider Day of Giving Banner

Winning Classes: Top Five

Place Class # of gifts
1st place 1994 48 gifts
2nd place  1998 28 gifts
3rd place 1967 23 gifts
4th place (tie) 1966 19 gifts
4th place (tie) 1997 19 gifts

Honorable Mention

Place Class # of gifts
6th place 2000 18 gifts
7th place 1971 17 gifts
8th place 1985 15 gifts
9th place 2002 12 gifts
10th place (tie) 1964 11 gifts
10th place (tie) 1979 11 gifts
10th place (tie) 1992 11 gifts

Class Competition!

A Recognition Event With the President

President Chris Sullivan standing in front of Central Catholic sign,

The top FIVE classes with the highest number of gifts per class will be invited to a recognition event with CCHS President Christopher Sullivan '81 that will be determined when we have a clearer idea of health recommendations as we move forward.

Ways to Give

24 Hours of Impact: Every Gift Counts


What is 'the Raider Day of Giving?'

On June 11, Central Catholic alumni, parents, and friends will join together to raise support for the young men and women we serve. This Raider Day of Giving will be a powerful 24-hour online fundraising effort through social media to connect all our constituents who love and support the mission of Central Catholic High School.

Why do we do this?

Many secondary schools across the U.S. have successfully instituted DAY OF GIVING programs to augment their year-round fundraising efforts. These campaigns build excitement, pride and friendly competition among the various stakeholders who support their schools. Our Raider Day of Giving is a way to connect with current and potential donors, excite you about our mission and our efforts here on campus to make the Raider experience a memorable one.

Students holding up five fingers
Students in Red Sea Fan Section
Five students in classroom, leaning over table
Four smiling students

Introduction & Overview

Reasons to Give...

Faculty members share the importance of Raider Day of Giving.

Thank to you Mrs. Victoria Blaszak, Campus Minister; Mr. Timothy Hart '85, Religious Studies Teacher; Ms. Denise Horan, Social Studies Teacher; and Mr. Matthew Joyal '08, Social Studies Teacher.

Ivette Korecki, a 2020 parent, shares her reasons for supporting Raider Day of Giving!

Thank you, Ivette Korecki!

The Advancement Team

Mr. David Erwin

Chief Advancement Officer

Mr. David DeFillippo

Advancement Associate

Ms. Heather Notaro

Annual Giving and Communications Manager

Mrs. Jennifer Plouffe

Associate Director of Advancement

Mr. Chuck Putney

Website Project & Content Manager

Mrs. Tammy Stott

Advancement Services Manager

Mr. Stephen Zubricki

Development Associate