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Raider Day of Giving 2021

Looking back at last year's Raider Day of Giving...

Celebrate: Raider Day of Giving!

Raider Day of Giving is a reason to CELEBRATE!

This powerful 24-hour online fundraising effort connects everyone who loves and supports the mission of Central Catholic High School.

The record-shattering results are in...

1,562 gifts and $325,607 in support of Central Catholic's amazing students!

Thank you to everyone who supported Raider Day of Giving!

We more than DOUBLED our goal and nearly doubled our previous high (801 gifts), surpassing it by more than 750 gifts! 

We unlocked every single one of our challenge gifts (for $110,000).

Thank you to everyone who made a Challenge Gift.

Thank you to the 43 Raider Day of Giving Virtual Ambassadors (most ever) who gave their time to help spread the word with email and social media.

You made our 2021 Raider Day of Giving the largest ever - by far!

We received 325 first-time gifts to Raider Day of Giving, and 56 first-time gifts to Central Catholic!

We received 1,562 gifts from 76 classes, 38 states, and four countries!

Official results, including raffle winners and top classes, are below.

Map indicating states that made a gift

Official Results, Updated June 18, 2021

Raider Day of Giving Banner

Total Gifts By Category

Total Gifts 1,562 gifts
Alumni/Students 804 gifts
Parents/Parents of Alumni 757 gifts
Current Parents 514 gifts
Faculty & Staff 109 gifts
Grandparent 57 gifts

*Please note: one gift can count in several categories (as a parent gift, as an alum gift, and as a faculty/staff gift if the giver is a member of each of those groups) - but it only counts as one gift toward the total number of gifts!

Celebrate Big Wins!

Celebrate Art!

Class Competition!

A Recognition Event With the President

President Christopher F. Sullivan '01

The top FIVE classes with the highest number of gifts per class will be invited to a recognition event with CCHS President Christopher Sullivan '81!

Winning Classes: Top Five

Place Class # of gifts
1st place 1994 56 gifts
2nd place (tie) 1966 38 gifts
2nd place (tie) 2000 38 gifts
4th place 1998 34 gifts
5th place 1967 33 gifts

Honorable Mention

Place Class # of gifts
6th place 1964 29 gifts
7th place 2001 26 gifts
8th place 1997 25 gifts
9th place 2002 23 gifts
10th place 1971 22 gifts
Celebrate: Raider Day of Giving!

Raffle Winners!

Gif of students shooting off confetti

Raider Day of Giving Raffle Prizes

Anyone who made a gift to the Raider Day of Giving or completed the Alumni Update Form was entered into a raffle for wonderful gifts and prizes!

The Early Bird Gift...

Sticky books on field

Are You "Stuck" on CCHS?

Anyone who made a gift to Raider Day of Giving before 7:00 AM will receive a Limited Edition CCHS Sticky Book.

Donors After Dark...

Glowing stickers

When the sun goes down, Raider Spirit keeps glowing!

Anyone who made a gift to Raider Day of Giving between 8pm and midnight EST will receive a custom-printed, 3" by 3", Central Catholic glow in the dark sticker!

Challenge Gifts Achieved...

Thank you to all those who have made gifts to Raider Day of Giving.

You unlocked every single challenge gift... 

The New Gift Challenge: $25,000 for 125 first-time gifts

A friend of CCHS has issued a New Gift Challenge: $5,000 for every 25 first-time gifts of any size to Raider Day of Giving, up to 125 gifts. We received 325 first-time gifts to Raider Day of Giving, and 56 first-time gifts to Central Catholic!

The 'Grand Finale' Challenge: $20,000 for 1,000 gifts

Members of our Board of Directors have committed to donate an additional $20,000 as a final challenge to help us reach 1,000 gifts for the first time ever.

The Class of 1966 Challenge: $1,000 for 25 gifts

A generous alumnus from 1966 committed to donate $1,000 once his class reached 25 gifts.

The 2nd Development Committee Challenge: $10,000 for 900 gifts 

We have had our most successful Day of Giving ever, surpassing last year's record of 801. Members of our Development Committee donated an additional $10,000 for reaching the historic milestone of 900 gifts.

The 2nd Board Challenge: $10,000 for 802 gifts

802 gifts would surpass last year's total of 801 - our highest ever. Members of our Board of Directors have committed to donate $10,000 once we surpass this historic milestone.

The Development Committee Challenge: $10,000 for 750 gifts

The Development Committee has issued their first challenge. Members of the Committee will donate $10,000 once we pass 750 gifts.

The Decade Challenge - 1960s: $6,000 for 100 gifts

A generous alumni issued a challenge gift for 100 gifts from alumni who graduated in the 1960s.

The Parent Challenge: $6,000 for 300 gifts

A group of generous parents and supporters have pledged to donate $1,000 for every 50 gifts from parents (up to 300 gifts and $6,000).

The Class of 2000 Challenge: $2,000 for 30 gifts

A generous alumnus from 2000 committed to donate $1,000 once his class reached 15 gifts. He will donate an additional $1,000 once his class reaches 30 gifts.

The Board of Directors Challenge: $15,000 for 550 gifts

We have unlocked the first challenge from the Board of Directors. Members of the Board have donated $15,000 for 550 gifts.

The Initial Challenge: $5,000 for 400 Gifts

Each year, a generous alumnus from the Class of 1984, who helped to inspire our Day of Giving, issues an initial challenge of $5,000.

Celebrate: Raider Day of Giving!

24 Hours of Impact: Every Gift Counts


What is 'the Raider Day of Giving?'

On June 10, Central Catholic alumni, parents, and friend joined together to raise support for the young men and women we serve. Raider Day of Giving is a powerful 24-hour online fundraising effort through social media to connect all our constituents who love and support the mission of Central Catholic High School.

Why do we do this?

Many secondary schools across the U.S. have successfully instituted DAY OF GIVING programs to augment their year-round fundraising efforts. These campaigns build excitement, pride and friendly competition among the various stakeholders who support their schools. Our Raider Day of Giving is a way to connect with current and potential donors, excite you about our mission and our efforts here on campus to make the Raider experience a memorable one.

Introduction & Overview

The Advancement Team

Mr. David Erwin

Chief Advancement Officer

Mr. David DeFillippo

Advancement Associate

Mrs. Jennifer Plouffe

Associate Director of Advancement

Mr. Chuck Putney

Website Project & Content Manager

Mrs. Joelle Sader

Advancement Assistant

Mrs. Tammy Stott

Advancement Services Manager

Mrs. Theresa Taft

Alumni Engagement Associate

Mrs. Heather Torla Sousa

Annual Giving and Communications Manager