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Raider Day of Giving Ambassadors

Group of students with Bro. Rene, photo has Day of Giving banner and info.

We need your help!


On Thursday, June 6, 2019, Central Catholic will be celebrating our 4th Annual Raider Day of Giving.

We need people like you to help spread the word as we work to expand participation in  this powerful, 24-hour online fundraising effort to increase support for the young men and women we serve.

Complete the "Count Me In!" form on this page to volunteer!

Thank you for your love and support of CCHS and our students.

What We're Asking You To Do!

  1. Make a Gift!

    • See "Ways to Give" for the many ways you can support the day and our students.

  2. Spread the Word!

    • Were counting on you to help spread the word by reaching out in various ways to classmates and friends. We'll provide class lists and email templates, as well as sample social media posts and visuals. We're currently creating a Raider Day of Giving Toolkit to serve as your resource.

  3. Feel Good and Enjoy the Rewards!

    • You will be making a positive impact on the future of Central Catholic and our students! Pat yourself on the back - you deserve it.
    • You will also be eligible for many wonderful prizes. There will be an early bird incentive for all gifts made before 7am), raffle prizes, and of course the top class prize that goes to the class with the highest participation!

24 Hours of Impact: Every Gift Counts


What is 'the Raider Day of Giving?'

On June 6, Central Catholic alumni, parents, and friends will join together to raise support for the young men and women we serve. This Raider Day of Giving will be a powerful 24-hour online fundraising effort through social media to connect all our constituents who love and support the mission of Central Catholic High School.

Why do we do this?

Many secondary schools across the U.S. have successfully instituted DAY OF GIVING programs to augment their year-round fundraising efforts. These campaigns build excitement, pride and friendly competition among the various stakeholders who support their schools. Our Raider Day of Giving is a way to connect with current and potential donors, excite you about our mission and our efforts here on campus to make the Raider experience a memorable one.

Ways to Give

Early Bird Gift!

Signature CCHS Microfiber Cloth

Mircofiber cloth with double c's and on it.

Everyone who makes a gift before 7:00 AM will receive a small ('micro') thank you! 

We'll send you a signature CCHS microfiber cloth for your electronics, glasses, windows... clean whatever you want!

Class Competition!

Party with the President: Family BBQ

President Chris Sullivan standing in front of Central Catholic sign,

The three classes with the highest number of gifts per class will be invited to a Family Fun Barbecue with CCHS President Christopher Sullivan '81.

May the best classes win!

Prizes & Fun!

Raider Day of Giving Day Raffle Prizes

Gif of students shooting off confetti

Anyone who makes a gift to the Raider Day of Giving will be entered into a raffle for wonderful gifts and prizes!

The First Two Challenge Gifts!

Initial Challenge Gift: $5,000 for 150 Gifts

An alumnus from the class of 1984 has pledged to donate $5,000 once we reach 150 gifts – make a gift of any size to help us reach our goal!

The Parent Challenge: $1,000 for every 50 Gifts

Generous parents have pledged to donate $1,000 for every 50 gifts from parents (up to 200 gifts). Parents are asked to make a gift of any size to help us reach our goal!

More challenge gifts to come.

The Advancement Team

Mr. David Erwin

Chief Advancement Officer

Mr. David DeFillippo

Director of Communications

Ms. Heather Notaro

Annual Giving and Communications Manager

Mrs. Jennifer Plouffe

Associate Director of Advancement

Mr. Chuck Putney

Website Project & Content Manager

Tammy Stott

Advancement Services Manager

Mr. Stephen Zubricki

Administrative Assistant