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Champagnat Awards

Saint Marcellin ChampagnatSaint Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers, urged his Marist followers to live their lives “doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

The Champagnat Awards honor Alumni and Members of the Central Catholic community whose lives reflect extraordinary faith, service to the least favored, professional achievement and dedication to our Marist mission.

Their lives inspire us every day.

The 2018 Champagnat Award Honorees

The Award For Humanitarian & Community Service

This award is bestowed on individuals for outstanding service to society and their unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. They epitomize the Marist ideal of concern for the least favored.

  • Patricia (Foley) Karl ’60SM, Lawrence Youth Education Advocate

  • William J. Sullivan ’68, Lawrence Educator, National Hibernian Leader

The St. Therese of Lisieux Alumni Award

This award is bestowed on alumni whose emerging professional and personal lives reflect the ideals of Central Catholic and our Marist heritage.

  • Michelle Abou-Raad ’12, Middle East Stabilization Project

  • Jesenia Tejada-Perez ’03, Director of Inner-City College Success Program

The Witness To Faith Award

This award is bestowed on individuals who have committed their lives to making Jesus known and loved through their faith and actions. Their example serves as an inspiration to students and to all those associated with Central Catholic.

  • Rev. George F. Riley ’53, OSA, Villanova University, V.P. Emeritus

The Award for Excellence in Marist Education

This award is bestowed on faculty and staff members whose unabiding love and care for young people continues the mission and work of Saint Champagant. Their example serves as an inspiration to their colleagues and the entire Central Catholic community.

  • Jeanne R. Burns, CCHS Academic Dean

  • David M. DeFillippo ’66, Director of Communications

  • Bro. Florentius, FMS, Founder of Central Catholic HS

  • Warren W. Hayes ’54, English Teacher-Chairperson (ret.)

The Award for Outstanding Alumni Professional Achievement

This award is bestowed on alumni whose success and achievements in their chosen field serve as an inspiration to the Central Catholic community and provide an inspiring example for our students.

  • Charles F. Daher ’67, President, Commonwealth Motors

  • Brad M. Damphousse ’00, Founder,

The Award For Philanthropic Leadership in Support of Central Catholic

This award is bestowed on those whose cumulative generosity to Central Catholic High School has been outstanding, epitomizing the love and generosity of Saint Champagnat. Through their investments and leadership, they have made a transformative impact on the students and faculty of Central Catholic High School.

  • Laurence J. Palmisano ’51, President, CPM Inc.

Champagnat Awards & Recipients

This year's honorees will be recognized at

Honoring Excellence

Honoring Excellence Awards

Champagnat Awards Presentation & Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Thursday, May 10, 2018
Seaglass at the Blue Ocean Event Center, 4 Ocean Front N, Salisbury, MA

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