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Band Performance

Close-up of violin from side
Close-up of student playing saxophone
View of student playing keyboard from behind student
Close-up of French horns from side

Our band performance groups include:

  • the Concert Band,
  • the Jazz Band,
  • the Pep Band,
  • Chamber Ensembles, and
  • the Liturgical Band & Chorus.

Additional performance opportunities include the orchestra/pit for the Theatre Guild, open mic night/coffee houses sponsored by 'Visions' Literary & Arts Magazine, and during the annual Spirit Show.

Band performance groups are featured during the Christmas Concert, during the Spring Concert, and at various other times throughout the year.

Art Events

Jazz Band
Music Suite - South Wing - Room 115
Art Club
Art Studio: Room 300 - Hampshire Street Building
Music Suite - South Wing - Room 115
Improv Club
Room 112 - Hampshire Street Building
Music Suite - South Wing - Room 115
Flute player performs in stands during a football game.
The saxophone section performs during a band concert.
Drummer looks at usic in the orchestra pit for a Theatre Guild production.