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Bringing The Red Sea Energy Into The New Year

Bringing The Red Sea Energy Into The New Year

By Mary Olsen '24

Source for photo above: CCHS Instagram

“The school spirit this year will be better than ever,” according to this year’s Moses. “There will be some changes to Moses this year. We are expecting the Red Sea to be bigger than ever and for everyone to be cheering. As Moses, it is our job to make sure everyone is as loud as possible.”

As most of you know, Moses is our school mascot for sporting events. He is the person who is in charge of bringing energy to the crowd. But have you ever wondered where this tradition started?

According to Coach Casey Grange who is the assistant athletic director, girls basketball coach, soccer assistant coach, and Central alum, “in 2009-2010 Moses and The Red Sea took off rallying around our very successful boys basketball team.” During this year a video of the new tradition, parting the Red Sea went viral!

Even before the Red Sea, Central’s student section was unmatched. Coach Grange explains, “being a part of the CCHS fan section in high school was awesome. We'd get to the games as early as possible to secure a spot in the front row with faces painted. After I graduated, the crowd was the ‘Central Crazies’ for a while before the RED SEA came to be.”

You can’t find any other student section like the Red Sea. “I think our school, mainly the Red Sea, is one of the most really reactive student sections. We do a lot more than other schools,” said Savannah Lewis, a CCHS senior. Being a part of the Red Sea is an extraordinary experience.

The Red Sea has even been crowned the craziest fan section in America by ESPN in 2014. People from all over America wish they were able to experience the Red Sea.

Although Central’s student section has always brought the energy, the Red Sea this year will be even better. In an effort to have the best energy possible, the student council decided to have two Moses’s this year. In addition, they are required to go to at least one event for every sports team.

According to Senior Sydney Ng, “I think our mascot Moses is awesome! He is unique and stands out from other team mascots. I think he elevates school spirit a lot and it's so exciting to see everyone go crazy when he comes out.”

(Moses at a cross country meet, Sept. 27, 2023)

Source for photo above: sportsYou

What is it like to be in the Red Sea? Senior Olivia Jeffries adds, “being a part of the Red Sea feels amazing, empowering, and I love being a part of the Red Sea.”

Senior Aidan Hayes, a defensive lineman for CCHS varsity football, describes, “being a part of the Red Sea [as] an absolutely electrifying feeling.” The energy brought to these events is truly amazing.

The Red Sea isn’t just awesome to be in, but it also helps those playing in the event. According to Hayes, “it's always great being on the field for a football game and hearing [Moses] yelling through a megaphone and getting the crowd hyped up. It affects team morale in a hugely important way that no other school's mascot really can.”

The only way to have a Red Sea is for YOU to be there! Attend as many games as you can and bring lots of energy! Check the athletic calendar for the list of all the games.

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About the Writer

Mary Olsen '24
Mary Olsen '24

Managing Editor

Mary Olsen is managing editor and a writer for the Raider Review! She is a senior here at Central from Salem, NH.

Mary has been on the soccer and track teams since freshman year. She loves going on hikes with her family and her dog. She also enjoys skiing throughout the winter! Mary's favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls or The Office, and she can’t wait to write for the Raider Review this year!

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