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A Legacy of Courage, Peace, and Justice

A Legacy of Courage, Peace, and Justice

As we prepare to celebrate the life of the Civil Rights Leader and Nobel Prize Winner Martin Luther King Jr., Central Catholic is highlighting various ways to learn more about his legacy.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day offers us a chance to reflect on the achievements made by Dr. King but also to consider the ongoing efforts for social justice and civil rights.

Many people take time to rest and reflect, while others are more active in celebrating the day.

Below, you will find some links that offer the opportunity to learn more about his life and to participate in local activities celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Learning about Marin Luther King Jr.

MLK speaking at a podium

Who was Martin Luther King, Jr?


Image of the Embrace sculpture in honor of MLK

About Martin Luther King Jr.


Rev. King in a cap and gown

The Ways Boston Helped Shape the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.



Local Activities & Events


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Central Catholic

Group of students in Be the CAUSE training

Click here to read Central Catholic's Declaration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We are unique in our Diversity.

Students come to Central Catholic from over 60 cities and towns.

We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences to form a caring community of faith, learning, and service.

We come together as classmates, peers, and teammates.

We learn together and from one another as we develop a deeper understanding of who we are as people and how we fit together as a community.

We are Central.