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Brain Dissection with the Neuroscience Club

Brain Dissection with the Neuroscience Club

Members of the IYNA (International Youth Neuroscience Association) Neuroscience Club at Central Catholic recently explored the mysteries of the brain – from the inside out, with their own hands!

About 20 students participated in a brain dissection activity using 12 gelatin brain molds with tumors that could be seen when using a black light.

Two students dissecting a mold of a brain

Students were given information about the patients they would be working on, as well as different diagrams of the brain and its parts. The students needed to use their tools to remove the tumor without injuring the patient’s brain during the surgery.

Laptop and brain charts

"It was really fun and interesting!” said Mr. Jarrod Brown '98, Mathematics Teacher and moderator of the IYNA Neuroscience Club and Karate Club. "The students loved the activity and really had the chance to apply some of the knowledge that they’ve learned in our Club meetings."

"I’m really proud of all of the participants and can’t say enough about Ranjana Ramesh '23 and Navin Ramesh '24 and their hard work in preparing the activity and being amazing student leaders.”

Selfie with students dissecting in the background

Siblings Ranjana and Navin created the Neuroscience Club three years ago.

Generally, the IYNA Neuroscience Club is focused on learning about the brain and its functions. Participants have dedicated time into learning about the parts of the brain and their abilities, functions and disorders. Along with this activity, the Club has hosted a guest speaker (psychologist) and have had many informative meetings where participants have discussed everything from dreams, Deja vu, brain disorders, tumors, and even how the brain develops from a young age through adulthood. 

Clubs & Activities at Central Catholic

Students playing chess

The IYNA Neuroscience Club is just one of over 60 clubs and activities for students to explore to find the best fit for their personality, talents, and interests.

Explore these clubs and activities using our Online Activities Guide.

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Neuroscience Club: IYNA image

About the Neuroscience Club: IYNA

The International Youth Neuroscience Association (IYNA) is a global, youth-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of neuroscientists.

Our mission is to introduce students to the excitement of scientific inquiry and enable them to explore the wonders of the brain.

Through the IYNA, the goal is to advance the international collaboration of young neuroscientists from all backgrounds by educating them about the brain and inspiring them to fight neurological diseases.

Students can expect to participate in lab experiments and research opportunities while enrolled in the IYNA Club.

Student-organized field trips to local colleges and universities to learn from experts in the field of neuroscience will be scheduled annually.

Participants in the IYNA club can also create presentations, based on their interests, to be distributed on the IYNA portal. These presentations are written, edited, and published by IYNA student members and can be viewed by students worldwide.