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Coming Home: Meet the Director of Campus Safety

Coming Home: Meet the Director of Campus Safety

This summer, Mr. Mark Ciccarelli '84 began his role as Central Catholic's first Director of Campus Safety. In addition to being an alumnus, Mr. Ciccarelli is the parent of two graduates and has led a distinguished career in the field of public safety.

The Central Catholic community is excited to welcome Mr. Mark Ciccarelli '84 back home!

Mr. Ciccarelli has a true passion and vision for keeping our campus community safe.

CCHS recently sat down with Mr. Ciccarelli and asked him about his experiences, as well as his goals for keeping our CCHS a welcoming and safe place for everyone.


Announcement from Mr. Christopher F. Sullivan '81, President of Central Catholic

President in front of CCHS sign

"As we navigate together a world which has changed so much, we are grateful to our faculty, staff, and families for providing so much stability, love, and growth in the lives of our students."

To assist you in this mission, and to make sure that Central Catholic will always be a place where our community feels safe and cared for, we created the position of Director of Campus Safety.

"We are excited to welcome Mr. Mark Ciccarelli, Class of 1984 and parent of two alums, into this role. Mr. Mark Ciccarelli is a retired member of the Lawrence Police Department, and most recently has been the Operations Manager of Tufts Medical Center (Boston) Police and Public Safety. He has also served Central as a member of the Safety Sub-Committee for the past two years."

"In his new role, Mr. Ciccarelli will supervise our Welcome Desk and Parking Security, as well as oversee the development, implementation, and supervision of CCHS programs pertaining to the promotion and maintenance of staff and student safety."

Meet Mr. Ciccarelli...

Mr. Mark Ciccarelli '84, Director of Campus Safety

Mr. Mark Ciccarelli '84, Director of Campus Safety

"I am passionate about safety and security, and being able to pursue this role and be part of the proud history and mission at CCHS is the highlight of a 33-year career in law enforcement,” said Mr. Mark Ciccarelli '84, who currently resides in Topsfield.

He is looking forward to working with high school students as "this stage of development in a young person’s life is extremely difficult and challenging and being able to be a part of their growth in a positive way is important and rewarding."

Mr. Ciccarelli, who is a Lawrence-native and a CCHS graduate (1984), is a proud Raider, along with his children who are also alumni.

"I have seen first-hand all the great things CCHS has accomplished over the years, and I am super grateful to be able to be a part of the CCHS family again."

Mr. Ciccarelli earned an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and a graduate degree from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell, MA). He is also trained in POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training), is CPR/BLS certified, and is a Certified Massachusetts Police Officer – a role that earned him Lawrence Exchange Club Police Officer of the Year (twice) and the Massachusetts State Police "George Hanna" Award recipient for Bravery.

Off campus, Mark is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys weightlifting, is a fan of true crime novels, and is a proud dog dad to a beautiful female Leonberger and a sweet male pit bull Rottweiler rescue. He also loves 70’s music and old movies and is a huge college and professional football fan.

CCHS Legacy – Mr. Ciccarelli’s daughter Olivia R. Ciccarelli '14, son Mark R. Ciccarelli '21, and brother Richard V. Ciccarelli '77.

Mr. Ciccarelli’s Fun Fact...

"I have seven children!"

Below, Mark R. Ciccarelli '21 signs his letter of intent in March of 2021 to play football at Bentley University.

Mark Ciccarelli '21 poses with family after signing NLI

Mr. Ciccarelli & Mr. Nunez help promote Homecoming

Photo above: Mr. Ciccarelli & Mr. Nunez help promote Homecoming 2023.

Six Questions with Mr. Ciccarelli

Q1: Can you tell us a little about your public safety background?

I have had a few stops on my public safety journey. I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. I began my career shortly after college in 1989 with the Lawrence Police Department, later serving with the San Jose Police department in San Jose, CA for a few years. I returned to Lawrence Police in 1995 but took advantage of an excellent opportunity to become a Special Agent with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency).

Over time, I missed my home – the Lawrence Police Department – and was assigned as a Detective in the Narcotics Division, where I was soon promoted to Sergeant and accepted a position as a Patrol Supervisor. After a few years, I was assigned to lead the Narcotics Division and was soon promoted to Lieutenant.

In 2016, I was reassigned to supervise the newly formed Bureau of Special Investigations, and in 2018, I was promoted to Commander, a position I held until my retirement in 2022.

After retiring, I served as the Operations Manager of the Police and Public Safety Department at Tufts Medical Center. Of course, once the opportunity to serve as the Director of Campus Safety became available at Central Catholic, I jumped at the chance to humbly and proudly serve my Alma Mater - CCHS.

Q2: What are the major duties of your new position as Director of Campus Safety?

My major duties as it pertains to this role are to ensure that our campus is safe from any potential external threats, and that students, faculty, staff, visitors – and all other visitors present on campus - are prepared in case of major emergencies.

Q3: Can you share some of the projects you are working on?

We are working on many exciting projects! A lot of campus safety progress has been made over the last five years prior to my arrival, including surveillance camera systems, card access control, and vigilant visitor management. My team is now working on expanding these areas in size and scope and making sure we evolve with all the current trends in safety and technology. As we speak, we are adding more cameras and additional door access control in order to widen the scope of already existing controls here at CCHS. Since my arrival, I have also added two full-time Campus Safety Liaisons (Mr. Basil Chingros '91 and Ms. Deanna Savary '15) to the Welcome Desk, which will be staffed from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM daily. We are also adding 20 vape detection units in various bathrooms throughout the school. And there is much more on the horizon!

Q4: Through your position, what is your primary goal for the CCHS campus?

My primary and ultimate goal is for every CCHS student, faculty, staff member and visitor to campus to be prepared in case of an unexpected event. This is important not only for the school to be safe and secure, but for the CCHS community to feel that they are safe and secure.

Q5: Is there anything students, parents, and other visitors should know when they plan to come to the CCHS campus?

Primarily, it would be very helpful for students (and all members of the CCHS community) to wear their CCHS ID to show that they are a member of our community. Also, all non-student or staff need to check in at Welcome Desk, as we do not let anyone in the building unless they are students, faculty or staff. All other visitors will be directed to the Main Entrance. Most importantly, if you see something, say something!

Q6: Why do you think it is important to maintain a safe environment?

Keeping our campus safe promotes the protection of all students, faculty, and staff from a variety of potential scenarios. When individuals do not feel safe at school, either emotionally or physically, they can become distracted, and we want them to be successful!

Good luck to Mr. Ciccarelli in his new role!

Meet the Members of Central Catholic's Campus Safety Team...

Ms. Deanna Savary '15, Campus Safety Liaison

Ms. Deanna Savary '15, Campus Safety Liaison

"The Central Catholic community is unlike any other community I have ever been a part of,” said Ms. Deanna Savary '15, who graduated from Central Catholic in 2015.

"I would like to be a leader and an example for young students and help their growth and overall development. High school students have a better understanding of how the world works, yet they still have so much to learn."

In addition to her new safety position, Ms. Savary helps coach the CCHS Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team and still finds time to give presentations in the community about why learning CPR is important.

Ms. Savary earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and adventuring with her dog.

"I'm always doing something to stay active whether I am in the gym, on a walk or hike, or just sitting outside."

CCHS Legacy: Ms. Savary’s brother, David Savary '13.

Ms. Savary’s Fun Fact...

"I am a CPR instructor!"

Mr. Basil Chingros '91, Campus Safety Liaison

Mr. Basil Chingros '91, Campus Safety Liaison

As a former Raider, Mr. Basil Chingros '91 thought this new position would be a "great opportunity" to come back to campus.

Mr. Chingros, who currently resides in Salem, NH, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Massachusetts (Lowell, MA). In his free time, he enjoys working out.

CCHS Legacy: Basil’s brother – Jason Chingros '97

Mr. Chingros's Fun Fact...

"While I was a student at CCHS, I was Coach A's (Mr. Chuck Adamopolous, CCHS Teacher) teacher’s pet!"


Campus Safety Welcome Desk

Contact the Welcome Desk with questions and concerns and to report any issues.

  • Phone: 978-682-0260 ext. 613
  • Email: