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Bringing History to Life on the Freedom Trail

Bringing History to Life on the Freedom Trail

Earlier this year, Social Studies teacher Mr. William Benson '11 led a tour of the Freedom Trail for Central Catholic's AP US History students - helping to make history jump off of the page and onto the streets of Boston!

Students gathered listening to a teacher dressed in period garb

In addition to being a Central Catholic faculty member since the fall of 2022, Mr. Benson has also served as a Tour Guide and Historical Interpreter for the Freedom Trail Foundation for the past 12 years: "I love being able to share my passion for history and showing tourists around the city."

Students gathered listening to a teacher dressed in period garb

"My teachers helped instill a passion for learning in me," said Mr. Benson. "I hope to pass on that example and inspire my own students to become lifelong learners. I find such joy in helping guide students on their path as they chart their course and discover who they are and who they want to be."

Students gathered with the State House in the distance

Thank you to:

  • Mr. William Benson '11, AP US History teacher and tour guide;
  • Mr. Joseph Lynch, AP US History teacher and chaperone;
  • Mr. Jeremy Hay '90, World Language teacher and chaperone; and
  • Mrs. Jennifer (Gaudette '15) Benson, English teacher and chaperone;

for making this experience possible for our students!

Class photo on stairs in Boston

About AP United States History, Course #530

This two-semester course is designed to provide students with analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems of American History.

In the first semester, students will study the Antebellum era, the coming of the Civil War, the era of Reconstruction, and the forces that produced twentieth century America. Students will probe the Age of Reform and America's involvement in WWI.

In the second semester, students will examine the Roaring Twenties, the onset of the Great Depression, the New Deal, the challenges of the Second World War, the emergence of the Cold War, the divisive era of civil rights, the war in Vietnam, and the forces behind the politics and policies of our time since 1975.

The course aims to develop the skills necessary to present ideas clearly in essay form and to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Examination.

Central Catholic's AP Program

Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves with college-level courses offered through Central Catholic extensive, strong, and highly successful Advanced Placement (AP) Program that includes 28 courses, in addition to our dual enrollment programs with Syracuse University and Southern New Hampshire University.

Central Catholic’s students significantly outpace the national and state averages on AP exams and may receive credits by colleges upon review of their scores.

These achievements are the result of progressive placement in courses, students’ own talents and diligence, as well as the outstanding teaching and mentoring provided by our dedicated faculty.