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Harvard Prize Book Recipients

Harvard Prize Book Recipients

Congratulations to the four CCHS seniors who were recently honored with the Harvard Prize Book for their outstanding academic accomplishments at the end of their junior year (Spring 2023).

Above photo, left to right: CCHS Alumnus and former Mayor of the City of Lawrence, Kevin Sullivan '76, Aidan Herries '24, Alannis Nova '24, Ayanna Nova '24, and Navin Ramesh '24 at the Harvard Club of Boston.

The students were celebrated during the 13th Annual Prize Book Award Breakfast at the Harvard Club of Boston in early October.

Harvard Prize Book Recipients

In additions, Arnav Lele '24 will be honored with the Harvard Prize Book by the Harvard Club of Merrimack Valley for his academic accomplishments.

Harvard Prize Book Recipients

"Alannis, Ayanna, Aidan, and Navin made the Central community proud at this important event, which offered them the opportunity to network with other students who are experiencing the same stresses as they apply to some of the most prestigious colleges in the world," said Mr. Christopher Sullivan '81, CCHS President.

President at Bids & Bites

"They are exceptionally bright, but also mature and articulate as they spoke about their future plans. What a great experience for these exceptional young people!"

The Harvard Book

About the Harvard Prize Book Program

The Harvard Prize Book Program recognizes outstanding students who display excellence in academic scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields. Harvard Book Awards are presented annually in select high schools around the world, and each award recipient receives a book about Harvard University to commemorate their achievement.

Meet the 2023 Harvard Prize Book Recipients

Aidan Herries '24 with principal

Aidan Herries '24

Aidan Herries ’24, of Bradford, MA, has a dream of attending Boston College to major in accounting and eventually work in Boston for one of the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms.

In the classroom, Aidan believes Mrs. Chase (Mrs. Diana Chase, Religious Studies Teacher) has made a profound impact on his CCHS experience.

"Mrs. Chase is always there if I’m having a bad day or if I need advice on an important issue. She’s not just a teacher, she’s a mentor."

In addition to academics, Aidan is a student-athlete on the Boys Varsity Soccer Team and Boys Varsity Volleyball Team. He also serves as Secretary of the National Honor Society, he is a Student Ambassador, and he competes in DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America).

Aidan also makes time to volunteer at Emmaus House in Haverhill, MA, and he works part-time at Market Basket as an Assistant Manager.

"I think that what makes Central special is that you will be challenged in the classroom, on the field, or in one of your clubs,” said Aidan.

"The reason for this isn’t because people want to see you fail. They push you so that you can develop the skills to truly make a difference beyond Central, either in your community or the world at large."

Aidan’s brother, Connor Herries '22, is a fellow Raider.

Arnav Lele '24 with the principal

Arnav Lele '24

Arnav Lele '24, of Chelmsford, MA, aspires to be an aerospace engineer. He is well on his path to making his dream come true by applying to some of the top aerospace programs in the country. 

Arnav feels strongly that his CCHS teachers have impacted his growth and academic success.

"I would like to specially mention Mr. Griffin (Mr. Brian Griffin, Science Teacher) and Mr. Boucher (Mr. Eric Boucher '04, Math Teacher) for nurturing my love of physics and math and for supporting my academic progress."

"I would also like to thank Principal Keller (Mrs. Doreen Keller '71PMA) and Mr. Sullivan (Mr. Christopher Sullivan '81) for their support and guidance throughout my Central Catholic journey.”

In addition to excelling academically, Arnav serves as Captain of the CCHS Tennis Team and is a member of Student Ambassadors, National Honor Society, and DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America).

He also makes time to volunteer for a multitude of organizations in need.

"I really enjoyed volunteering at the ReStore for Habitat for Humanity where I was able to help store, refurbish, and build donated home goods that were given to people in need. I also helped with Serving Stars, a USTA National Junior Tennis and Learning chapter that provides tennis, fitness, and educational enrichment programming to students in Lawrence, one of the most underserved communities in Massachusetts."

"Central Catholic is special, because it is more than a school community…It truly is a family,” said Arnav. “The support and love felt in the Central Catholic family is unmatched. The friendships and connections I have made will stay with me forever."

Outside of CCHS, Arnav enjoys playing the drums and participating in club tennis for Willows Tennis Club in North Andover.

Alannis Nova '24

Alannis Nova '24

Alannis Nova '24, of Salem, NH, has high hopes of attending Columbia University (NY), where she would like to major in human rights, social sciences, or law.

Beyond academics, she is also an active member of the Central Catholic community as a member of SCOPE (Students Can Open People’s Eyes), Student Ambassadors (Executive Board), Be the CAUSE (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program), and National Honor Society. She also participated in Softball and Indoor Track & Field.

As a highly accomplished student, AIannis believes that all of her CCHS teachers have been very supportive and have had an incredibly positive impact on her Central experience.

"I especially would like to highlight Mr. Lynch (Mr. Joseph Lynch, Social Studies Teacher) and Mrs. O'Connor (Mrs. Laura O'Connor, World Languages Teacher) for supporting me through a difficult junior year. I am very grateful for all of my teachers!"

She also makes time to serve others.

"My favorite volunteering experience was at the Lawrence Public Library during the summer of 2021. I feel very honored to have been able to help young children have a nice library experience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic."

"I think what makes Central special is how students are so supportive of each other," said Alannis. "I love seeing this support in the fan sections at football games, or even students helping each other with work."

Alannis is part of a CCHS Legacy with father and loyal Raider, Radhames Nova '93 (Chair, CCHS Development Committee), and twin sister Ayanna Nova '24.

Ayanna Nova '24

Ayanna Nova '24

Ayanna Nova '24, of Salem, NH, has a goal to attend a prestigious institution such as Princeton University, Middlebury College, or McGill University, where she hopes to study the social sciences or pursue a more interdisciplinary major like public policy.

Throughout Ayanna's time at Central Catholic, she has been involved in the Student Ambassadors (Executive Board), National Honor Society, SCOPE (Students Can Open People's Eyes), Be the CAUSE (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Program), Softball, Marist Mentors, and Indoor Track & Field.

Outside of CCHS, she loves to dance. "I often learn routines in my free time, and sometimes I choreograph my own dances."

Ayanna appreciates the support from the dedicated faculty members she has encountered at CCHS.

"Specifically, Mrs. O’Connor (Mrs. Laura O'Connor, World Languages Teacher) has had a huge impact on me and my experience at CCHS. Taking her Spanish classes for three consecutive years has allowed me to build meaningful connections with her. I love how Mrs. O'Connor teaches us the ins and outs of the Spanish language while also encouraging us to immerse ourselves in Latin American culture and compare the cultures we learn about to our personal lives."

"This year, I am honored to be in Mrs. O’Connor’s first AP Spanish Literature class, and I admire her passion on the subject, as well as her commitment to her students' success. I am forever grateful to Mrs. O'Connor for fostering such a positive and engaging learning environment, and for helping me further appreciate my Latina heritage.”

Ayanna also makes time to give of herself to others.

"I love tutoring at the Academic Success Center! I enjoy fulfilling my responsibility of leveraging my own academic strengths to propel other students towards academic success. I hope that my contributions have made a difference in someone’s education and overall experience at CCHS."

"Central Catholic is special to me because of its diverse student population,” said Ayanna. "The student body at Central is ethnically, geographically, economically, and academically diverse. I truly appreciate how every student has something different to bring to the table! I feel that being immersed in such an all-encompassing community has taught me to cherish our differences, and it has shaped me into a more open-minded and conscientious person.

Ayanna is part of a CCHS Legacy with father and loyal Raider, Radhames Nova '93 (Chair, CCHS Development Committee), and twin sister Alannis Nova '24.

Navin Ramesh '24

Navin Ramesh '24

Navin Ramesh '24, of Chelmsford, MA, aspires to one day enter the medical field, specializing in pain management or surgery.

"I want to become involved with public policy, enabling me serve through medicine in impoverished areas in the U.S. and beyond, combating both physical pain and the pain of poverty. I am also hoping to serve in the armed forces at some point in my career."

Navin attributes much of his success to the support he received from his teachers at CCHS.

"I’d like to thank several of my teachers, including Ms. Burns (Ms. Jeanne Burns, Academic Dean), Ms. Ciccolo (Ms. Stacy Ciccolo, Social Studies Teacher), Mr. McCarthy (Mr. Kevin McCarthy, Director of School & College Counseling), Mr. Benedetto (Mr. Robert Benedetto '89, Science Teacher) and Mr. Dumas (Mr. Shaun Dumas, School & College Counselor) for being coaches, teachers, mentors, and role models for me throughout my time at Central. There are many, many more faculty and staff members who have made my CCHS experience special!”

In addition to excelling academically, Navin serves on Student Council (Executive Board), Student Ambassadors, Student Alumni Association, DECA, IYNA Neuroscience Club, Gavel Club, National Honor Society (Executive Board), Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Visions Coffeehouse and Magazine, and Campus Ministry.

Navin also volunteers for several organizations including the American Red Cross, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and the Medical Reserve Corps at local and national events and fundraisers, to name a few.

"Leading and attending retreats, orientations, and other events with Campus Ministry and working with incoming classes through Student Ambassadors are among my favorite involvements at Central," said Navin.

"CCHS fosters a community of such kind and open people, resulting in a welcoming and close-knit atmosphere created by all the students and faculty who call Central home."

Outside of CCHS, Navin is also a member of the FEMA National Youth Preparedness Council, a volunteer for Sudanese American Medical Association, a Congressional Intern for Massachusetts' 3rd District, Director of Recruitment at Interns 4-Good, a volunteer for the American Red Cross and Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer. He also tutors.

Navin’s sister Ranjana Ramesh '23 was Co-Valedictorian of the Class of 2023 and was also a National Merit Finalist. She is currently studying at Brown University (RI).