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Shark Tank Success

Shark Tank Success

On April 5, eight teams of entrepreneur students made their pitches to three real life entrepreneurs as part of Raider Shark Tank!

Thank you to our judges, to our student-entrepreneurs, to host and teacher Mr. Matthew Sansoucie '06, and to everyone who assisted with and attended this great event!

Raider Shark Tank Photo Album

Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship classes pitched their best ideas and competed against each other for a "$25,000" investment from three real life entrepreneurs.

Guest Sharks & Investors

Our three judges

Thank you to our entrepreneur judges:

  • Mr. Gino Baroni '74
    • Owner of Trident Project Advantage Group
  • Ms. Lynn Makiej
    • Co-Owner of MAK & Co.
  • Mr. Evan Silverio '98
    • President of Silverio Insurance

Raider Shark Tank Producer/Host (and Teacher)

Mr. Sansoucie on stage

The Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship courseis taught by Mr. Matthew Sansoucie '06 (Math, Business, & Technology Teacher), provides students with a solid foundation in terms of the vital role played by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the 21st century global economy. The course is offered for dual enrollment with Syracuse University so students can earn both college credit and CCHS credit.

"I always watched the show 'Shark Tank' in the past," notes Mr. Sansoucie," and I thought it would be a fun way to get the kids to be more excited about developing their business ideas."

The Winning Teams

Four students in ski gear with medals


**Winning Team selected by Mr. Evan Silverio '98, President of Silverio Insurance**

A fashionable new way to stay warm on the slopes with a replaceable mouth piece on your face mask.

  • Luca Beltrandi '23
  • Matthew Miller '23
  • John Murphy '23
  • Julia Netishen '24

Four students with medals


**Winning Team selected by Mr. Gino Baroni '74, Owner of Trident Project Advantage Group**
**Audience Vote Winner**

A new website/app that allows you to rate and review individual dishes rather than the entire restaurant.

  • Andrew Kriner '23
  • Megan Linzer '23
  • Easton Morse '23
  • James Reagan '23

Four students in paint covered clothes with medals

The Paint Pen

**Winning Team selected by Ms. Lynn Makiej, Co-Owner of MAK & Co.**

A new product that eliminates the stress of painting by providing you with all-in-one painting, edging, and erasing tools.

  • Shreya Banerjee '23
  • Jason Belkus '23
  • Claire Li '23
  • John Philbin '23

Additional Teams

Three students on stage

Audio Study

An app that provides the students a way to learn on the go by allowing them to listen to their notes.

  • Arlenny Alvarez '23
  • Michael Hamlin '24
  • Jecinta Kamau '24

Three students on stage in pajamas and sleep masks


A new 2-in-1 fitted/cover sheet combo that allows people to sleep in the comfort they deserve.

  • Stephanie Chamoun '23
  • Eva Coutu '23
  • Andrew Pucci '23

Four students on stage


A new app that scans your ear to create customizable grips for your wireless headphones.

  • Mariah Navarro '23
  • Gabriella Pastor '23
  • Madison Wade '23
  • Annika Widmayer '24

Three students in suits, on stage, with a mini car.


A new business that eliminates the stress of car repair shops by bringing the mechanic to you.

  • Robert Kirby '23
  • Mac McCarthy '23
  • Evan Mercier '23

Four students on stage


A reversible and customizable towel that can be suited to create the ultimate drying experience.

  • Jayden Craig '23
  • Sarah Isaak '23
  • Hailey Liriano '23
  • Emily Ryan '23

Shark Tank image with teams, students, and judges

About the Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship Course

Throughout the semester, students will assess, explore, critique, and celebrate the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship as a manageable process that can be applied in a variety of organizational setting.

The Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship course has a multi-faceted approach focusing on the following:

  • The creation of new ventures, the ways that they come into being, and factors associated with their success. Students will be encouraged to develop and defend their own set of conclusions regarding each of these issues.
  • The integration of several disciplines, ranging from sociology and psychology to economics, finance, marketing, and human resource management.
  • Exploring theory with practice, where students will be challenged to apply principles, concepts, and frameworks to real world situations.
  • Discovering ‘Sustainable entrepreneurship’, entrepreneurship over the life cycles of people’s careers, organizations as they evolve from start-up enterprise to sizeable corporation, and societies as they move from undeveloped to post-industrial.
Two students at entrance to theater
Full theater