Class of 2025, Celebrate YOU!


We are incredibly excited to

Welcome You

to our Central Catholic Family!

A Raider Tradition

we love is how we welcome our newest Raiders to CCHS.

We line our hallways and balconies to

Celebrate YOU!

This year, we’re celebrating your success a little differently.

Scroll down to see how!


Confetti falling in gymnasium with text - Congratulations: Welcome to the Central Catholic Class of 2025

How To Celebrate Like a Raider...

Step 1: Open Your Raider Party Pack!

Gif of student getting a CCHS package from mail box

Open your Party Pack and get ready to cheer, clap, throw your confetti, and celebrate becoming part of the CCHS Raider Family!

Step 2: Prepare to Capture the Moment!

Gif: students with #ReadyToRaider posters

Gather your family and adoring fans, take out your #ReadyToRaider poster, and hand your phone to your paparazzi.. .er, parents, to capture the moment.

Step 3: Shoot Your Confetti Cannon!

Students shooting confetto cannons

Get the party started - grab your confetti cannon and throw that confetti - simply flick the stick - then do a little Raider Dance and pose for some photos.

Step 4: Make Some Noise!

Students with hand clappers and #ReadyToRaider posters clapping

Shake your clappy hands, blow on your noise maker, and have some Raider Red Sea fun as you cheer for yourself - you've earned it!

Step 5: Thank Your Fans!

Gif of student clapping

Hold on - you're not done with those clappy hands yet! It's time to thank and applaud those who made this moment possible.

Step 6: Indulge in a Raider Treat!

Student eating a cookie

Make like Cookie Monster and enjoy your Raider cookie! (Don't forget to share a bite with your fans.) 

Step 7: Share Your Success!

Student showing a phone with #ReadyToRaider2025

Tell your family, tell your friends, and share your good news on social! Be sure to tag #ReadyToRaider2025 and @CCHSRaider (Instagram), @BeaCCHSRaider (Facebook), and @CCRaider_HS (Twitter).

Step 8: Enjoy the Ride!

Fans in the Red Sea doing the Raider Rollercoaster

Bask in the glow of becoming a Raider - you're going to have an amazing four years! Enjoy the ride and make the most of each opportunity.

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    The Admissions Team

    If you have any questions about CCHS or the enrollment process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at 978-682-0260 ext. 612 or email us at:

    Mr. Christopher Merrill

    Mr. Christopher Merrill
    Director of Admissions

    Ms. Taylor Sacco

    Ms. Taylor Sacco
    Assistant Director of Admissions

    Ms. Heather McGhee

    Ms. Heather McGhee
    Admissions Associate