Revisit Central Catholic

While our campus is closed to visitors in order to keep our family and your family safe, we are offering the opportunity to explore the Central Catholic Experience remotely through:

  • The Raider Virtual Visit,
  • Our 360 Degree Virtual Tour,
  • The Virtual Raider for a Day Shadow Experience, and
  • Open House Revisited!

Using the links below, you’ll be able see the life and culture of our school through the videos and images that tell the story of CCHS. 

We look forward to seeing all members of the Class of 2025 on campus this summer!

Revisit Central Catholic virtually - for a sneak peak at your own Raider Experience!

Take the Virtual Tour of Campus!

Virtual Tour

Explore campus through our  360 Degree Virtual Tour! Be sure to click on the Raider Photo Reels (white photo icons) placed in many of the campus locations.

Begin your Raider Virtual Visit!

Group of students in front of double c's logo on wall with Bro. Rene - smiling and laughing

Picture yourself on campus and explore the many elements of student life at Central Catholic!

Experience Open House Revisited!

Group of students smiling, with text: Open House

Take the opportunity to revisit our Open House, including the Academics Fair, the Activities Fair, and the Athletics Fair!

Participate in a virtual Shadow Experience!

Image of campus with "Virtual Raider for a Day"

Select your host and shadow them through a typical "day" at Central Catholic (if a day at Central could be called typical!)