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Minding Your Mind: Just Talk About It

A Presentation for Parents on Mental Health & Student Wellness

Parents are invited to attend this interactive presentation as an introduction to mental health, designed to train both adults and youth on how to recognize the warning signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and crisis.

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Program Details

6:00 PM, Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rogers Memorial Theater, Central Catholic High School

The presentation will be facilitated by mental health counselor Jon Mattleman and a young adult speaker. 

Register to Attend

Program Contact: Mr. Thomas Sipsey, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students,

Student Wellness: Throughout the day, Central Catholic students will be attending interactive presentations on mental health, which includes how to recognize the warning signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and crisis.

They will hear from a dynamic young adult who has successfully and productively coped with mental health issues. The speaker will share a compelling personal story of recovery and resilience that will challenge stereotypes and inspire hope. 

Participants will learn about:

  • stigma regarding mental health
  • the most common causes and effects of stress and anxiety
  • negative and positive coping skills • the symptoms of depression
  • what is considered a crisis
  • the warning signs most often associated with a mental health crisis
  • how to help a youth, student, or friend who is experiencing a mental health issue or crisis

How to Get to Central Catholic

Central Catholic is accessible from Route 93, Route 495, and Route 213.

Directions to Central Catholic


Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the Memorial Gymnasium.

Enter through the Main Entrance between the Memorial Gymnasium Building and the Hampshire Street Building, using the stairway adjacent to the Courtyard, to the left of the Memorial Gymnasium Building and to the right of the flag poles.