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Special Intentions

Students locked arm in arm.

Prayer is an important part of life at Central Catholic, helping to sustain and strengthen the school community.

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"Pray for Us"

The students and staff of Central Catholic begin and end each school day with the following litany during announcements:

LEADER: Saint Marcellin Champagnat…
ALL: Pray for us.
LEADER: Saint Theresa…
ALL: Pray for us.
LEADER: Mary, Our Good Mother…
ALL: Pray for us.
LEADER: And let us remember…
ALL: To pray for each other.

The vision of Saint Champagnat and the Marist Charism have defined CCHS since its founding, helping to forge a strong, faith-based community that serves as a resource and source of strength for students, families, teachers, and alumni.

Students begin and end the school day with a prayer, the school community is invited to pray the Rosary weekly, and First Friday Liturgies are held monthly before school. The school community gathers for Liturgies on Holy Days and other special occasions, and prayer services are held throughout the year. The school has a comprehensive Campus Ministry and Retreat Program that contributes to spiritual development and the prayer lives of students, faculty, and staff.