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Celebrating Black History

Celebrating Black History

"During the month of February, the United States celebrates Black History Month to recognize the contributions to American life that Black and African Americans have made,” states Mrs. Aliali Silverio Belkus '97, Central Catholic’s Dean of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

“In the same spirit, Central Catholic focuses its attention on sharing these wonderful and courageous stories with our school community.”

Black History Month Initiatives

Activities and initiatives during the month include…

  • SCOPE Meeting: Wed., 2/2, 1:00 PM
  • United We Stand Meeting, Tues., 2/9, 3:00 PM
  • Highlighting Unsung Activists & a Daily Celebration of Black Contributors to American History
  • Project: The Black Experience in America
  • Celebrating Black Saints
  • Lecture by Penn State Professor (week of February 20 - more details to come) 


Students at the SCOPE table during the Student Activities Expo

Students Can Open People’s Eyes (SCOPE)

SCOPE is meeting Wednesday, February 2, 1:00 PM, Room 229, Memorial Gymnasium

S.C.O.P.E. (Students Can Open People’s Eyes) supports multicultural students in their CCHS experience. The goal of SCOPE is for members to build relationships with peers, develop cultural agility through intercultural interaction, and create a network of support while maintaining and sharing their identity and cultural values. SCOPE members participate in special retreat days and additional social, positive, and informative activities throughout the year.


Three students holding a United We Stand sign

United We Stand

United We Stand is meeting Tuesday, February 8, 2:30 PM, Room 112, Hampshire Street Building

United We Stand works to break down popular social issues and talk about them in an unbiased setting.

In honor of Black History Month, United We Stand will share one fact relating to Black History Month every day excluding Wednesdays. There is a topic for each day including Unsung Activists Mondays (see below), Pop Culture Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays, and Living History Fridays.

Members come together to discuss social justice and human rights issues such as, but not limited to: pro-riot vs. anti-riot, women's rights, Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter, climate change and many others. 

United We Stand is moderated by faculty member Mr. Brian Flaherty and led by five student Executive Board Members.

"This club is much needed following the current events happening in our world,” stated the United We Stand Executive Board. “Many individuals need a place to focus on the conversation about these sensitive topics in order to make Central a more welcoming place for those of all backgrounds and beliefs."


Highlighting Unsung Activists & a Daily Celebration of Black Contributors to American History

This month, in honor of Black History Month, United We Stand is going to share one fact relating to Black history month for every day of the week except for Wednesdays. We have a topic for each day including Unsung Activists Mondays, Pop Culture Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays, and Living History Fridays. These facts will also be provided in the morning announcements sent via email every morning.


Martin Luther King Jr. with quote

Black Experience in America 

During Black History Month, members of United We Stand and SCOPE will be interviewing Black students at Central Catholic and looking to them for insight on the black experience in America.

They will be creating a mini documentary about the black student experience in America where a few students talk about their culture.


Book cover, Black Catholics on the Road to Sainthood. 

Celebrating Black Saints

Posters celebrating the contributions of Black saints to the Catholic faith are on display in the 2nd Floor Exhibit Halls of the Hampshire Street Building.

Faculty & Staff have been invited to participate in a book club to discuss the book, Black Catholics on the Road to Sainthood, exploring the stories of faithful individuals and sharing our reflections in community.


Image from the Hampton History Museum

“Give Me Liberty” Exhibit

The exhibit loaned to Central Catholic High School from the Hampton History Museum highlights how African Americans fought for their freedom during the American Revolution.  

The exhibit consists of a series of panels that explore "the lives of over 30 fugitive slaves from Hampton, VA who made journeys to freedom or took up arms against their enslavers during periods of war."

This groundbreaking exhibition shines an inspirational light on their experiences as part of a powerful slave resistance between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.”

The panels will be on display on the first floor corridor through the month of February.

Please learn more about the exhibit here.


Aerial photo of Central Catholic Campus

Central Catholic’s Declaration of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Central Catholic High School seeks to uphold anti-racist practices and promote empathetic attitudes to reflect a just and inclusive community that celebrates the identities, gifts, and dignity of its members. We condemn thoughts, words, and actions that harm one’s humanity. We call each other to follow Jesus’ example of love.

This statement is read daily as part of our morning reflection and hangs in every classroom as a reminder of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at Central Catholic High School.

Click here to view our mission and the full declaration with its introduction.

Central Catholic High School
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Founded by the Marist Brothers in the heart of Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1935, Central Catholic High School enrolls 1,200 students from over 60 cities and towns and several countries. Students come from diverse backgrounds to form a caring community of faith, learning, and service. They advance to college in overwhelming numbers (nearly 100%) and move on to successful careers and positions of leadership in government, business, industry, academia, and professions.

Central Catholic High School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

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