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Celebrating the Class of 2022 Gala & Awards

Celebrating the Class of 2022 Gala & Awards

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 and all of the award recipients!

This year's graduating class gathered in the Memorial Gymnasium on May 22 to celebrate each other and their achievements and contributions to the Raider Family.

Seniors Arm in Arm


The Class of 2022 Gala & Awards Ceremony

Student Alumni Association award winners

6:00 PM, Sunday, May 22

Seniors walked the red carpet in semi-formal attire for a festive night of camaraderie and special student awards and recognitions.

Awards included:

  • Activity Awards (listed below)
  • Legion of Honor Awards
  • Athletic Awards and Captains Recognition
  • Academic Awards Historically Presented at Commencement (listed below)

The night also included:

  • Student Performance: Senior Send-off.

Photo Album: The Class of 2022 Gala & Awards Ceremony


Class of 2022 Academic Award Recipients

Academic award winners

In recognition of superior scholastic achievements, the Academic Excellence Awards are presented to members of Central Catholic High School’s Class of 2022 who have attained the highest scholastic averages within the Central Catholic curriculum.

The following soon-to-be graduates have earned Academic Excellence Awards in each academic department for the 2021-2022 academic year:

General Excellence in the Field of Art

  • Recipient: Daniela Rosario
  • Next in Merit: Catherine Mangione

General Excellence in the Field of Business

  • Recipient: Connor Herries
  • Next in Merit: Nicholas Gonzalez

General Excellence in the Field of Chinese Language

  • Recipient: Juliana Calderone    
  • Next in Merit: Alexandra Gonzalez-Tellez

General Excellence in the Field of English

  • Recipients: Zachary Channen
  • Next in Merit: Michael Kelly and Ava Korbani

General Excellence in the Field of French Language

  • Recipient: Haley Stewart
  • Next in Merit: Taylor Del Greco

General Excellence in the Field of Mathematics

  • Recipients: Charles Palmer
  • Next in Merit: Zachary Channen

General Excellence in the Field of Music

  • Recipients: Trevor Collins
  • Next in Merit: Thomas Cuddy

General Excellence in the Field of Religious Studies

  • Recipients: 
    • Thomas Cuddy    
    • Kaela Harrigan
    • Tyler McDonald
    • Faith Omosefe
    • McKing Truong
  • Next in Merit: 
    • Briana Hasbany
    • Michael Kelly
    • Daniela Rosario

General Excellence in the Field of Science 

  • Recipients: Qian Zhong
  • Next in Merit: Nicholas Gonzalez and Ava Korbani

General Excellence in the Field of Social Studies

  • Recipient: Michael Kelly
  • Next in Merit: Nicholas Gonzalez and Faith Omosefe

General Excellence in the Field of Spanish Language

  • Recipients: Kyle Mather and Ava Korbani    
  • Next in Merit: Veronica Ortega

General Excellence in the Field of Technology

  • Recipients: Charles Palmer    
  • Next in Merit: John Palmisano


AP Capstone Diploma Recipients

The AP Capstone Diploma is granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on 4 additional AP Exams of their choosing.

  • Recipients:
    • Sebastian Benedetto
    • Ava Korbani 
    • Catherine Mangione
    • Isabella Manzi
    • Katrina Souter
    • Adam Woidyle


Legion of Honor Awards

Legion of Honor Award Winners

In recognition of outstanding service to the school community, the Legion of Honor awards are given to the following:

  • 4A: Matthew Boland
  • 4B: Callahan Ryan
  • 4C: Samuel Dalton
  • 4D: Brendan Ferris
  • 4E: Brianna Hasbany
  • 4F: Colleene Kabaria
  • 4G: Kyle Mather
  • 4H: Kaiden Nobrega
  • 4J: Maggie O’Rourke
  • 4K: Charbel Saouma
  • 4L: Madeline Tattan


The Class of 2022 Activity Award Recipients

Student Ambassador Award Recipients

Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2022 for their contributions to Central Catholic! The following members of Central Catholic High School’s Class of 2022 have demonstrated a substantial commitment to enrich student life through clubs and activities at CCHS.

Anime Club

  • Mikayla Almeida
  • Mikaela Skelley
  • Tianna Alvarez
  • Jocelyn Hooper
  • Merrick Battaglia


  • Trevor Collins
  • Adam Woidyla
  • Thomas Cuddy
  • McKing Truong

Bowling Club

  • Isaac Hay
  • John Palmisano

Chess Club

  • William Leland
  • Alexander Jackson
  • Matthew Jackson

Concert Choir & Central Harmony

  • Catherine Mangione
  • Faith Omosefe
  • Isabella Perrotta

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

  • Mikayla Almeida
  • Colleene Kabaria
  • Zachary Channen

Karate Club

  • Owen Bowler
  • McKing Truong
  • Walter Wanyoike

Liturgical Band/Choir

  • Isabella Perrotta
  • Caroline Clark

Marist Mentors

  • Veronica Ortega

Marist Youth

  • Owen Cook
  • Ryan Hebert

Mary, Our Good Mother Award

  • Caroline Clark

Math League (In-House)

  • Zachary Channen

Mock Trial

  • Starr De La Cruz
  • McKing Truong
  • Faith Omosefe

National Honor Society

  • Kyle Mather
  • Ava Korbani

Passport Club

  • Mikayla Almeida
  • Colleene Kabaria

Peer Leaders

  • Veronica Ortega
  • Brianna John

Saint Marcellin Champagnat Award    

  • Ryan Hebert

Saint Thèrése of Lisieux Award

  • Isabella Rondinelli

SCOPE (Students Can Open People’s Eyes)

  • Sofia Ruiz
  • Charbel Saouma
  • Daniela Rosario

Ski & Snowboard Club

  • Adam Woidyla
  • Kentaro Bimbatti

Student Alumni Association (SAA)

  • Keira Foley
  • Selena Raftery
  • Zachary Channen
  • Ryan Hebert
  • Ava Iannessa
  • Brianna John
  • Catherine Mangione
  • Kyle Mather
  • Sydney Moda
  • Madison Naroian
  • Aleksa Sacchetti
  • Elizabeth Sadlow
  • Adam Woidyla

Student Ambassadors

  • Mikayla Almeida
  • Zachary Channen
  • Leah DeLeon
  • Ryan Hebert
  • Sydney Moda
  • Kaiden Nobrega
  • Janet Omezi
  • McKing Truong
  • Adam Woidyla

Student Council

  • Selena Raftery
  • Keith Shaheen
  • Owen Cook
  • Kyle Mather

Theatre Guild

  • Brianna Hasbany
  • Catherine Mangione
  • Thomas Cuddy
  • Isabella Perrotta

United We Stand    

  • Faith Omosefe
  • Colleene Kabaria
  • Janet Omezi

Visions Literary & Arts Magazine

  • Catherine Mangione
  • Faith Omosefe


  • Adrianna Marinello
  • Sofia Schwarz


Student Performance: The Senior Send-Off

Senior sendoff performance
Senior holding up cell phone candles



Commencement Events

More details on Commencement and Class of 2022 events are available below and at Celebrating the Class of 2022.

The Class of 2022 Commencement Page


Last Day of Classes - May 23, 2022


SeniorFest 2022 - May 24, 2022


Students ar prom pointing at  the camera

Senior Prom

Wednesday, May 25 - Atkinson Country Club



Students celebrating, taking a selfie

Baccalaureate Service & 84th Commencement Exercises

The Baccalaureate Service & 84th Commencement will take place on Raider Field - weather permitting. (Rain location will be the Memorial Gymnasium.)

A Baccalaureate Prayer Service will lead into the moment every senior has been waiting for - the awarding of diplomas!

Commencement wiIl be livestreamed via our YouTube channel for those who cannot attend.

Click here to watch the Commencement livestream via YouTube.


The Class of 2022: Class Photo

Class of 2022, we're proud of you and look forward to celebrating YOU!

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