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Engineering Our World: Composing Music Through Code

Engineering Our World: Composing Music Through Code

A new engineering course at Central Catholic has students using coding language to perform a multitude of tasks, everything from making music to controlling wheelchairs. 

Taught by faculty member Mr. Andrew Joyal '11, the course Engineering Applications of Computer Science – designed by the University of Texas Engineering Your World program – helps students explore mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering through a series of design challenges that can improve people’s lives and spark creativity.

"Through this course, we have developed electronic music using code through Python programming language to tell the computer to generate sounds and play songs," said Mr. Andrew Joyal.

"Additionally, we have just finished a unit on Digital Image Manipulation, where students design and develop software that allows the user to apply photo filters to images. We are soon moving into our Computer Assisted Physical Therapy unit where we will use computers and webcams to design solutions to aid in physical therapy."

This six-unit multifaceted course introduces students to careers in engineering and computer science, with a focusing on problem-solving.

Specific units address:

  • Electronic Music using Python;
  • Custom Photo Filters;
  • Computer-Assisted Physical Therapy;
  • Mechatronic Assistive Devices;
  • Camera-Controlled Wheelchair; and
  • Water Rockets.

“Students are challenged to use their knowledge and critical thinking skills working in teams to engineer solutions to everyday issues,” said Mr. Joyal. “Through these unique projects, students develop skills important to working in today's industries.”

The course can be taken as part of a robust technology education offered by Central Catholic.

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About Engineering Your World: Engineering Applications of Computer Science

Open to Juniors and Seniors. This is an engineering course that engages students in programming and computational thinking to solve hands-on engineering design challenges. For students with an interest in engineering, the course provides opportunities to design computing-enabled solutions to engineering problems. For students with an interest in learning to code or to apply coding skills, the course’s hands-on, human-centered approach motivates the development of programming and other computational thinking skills. For both groups, the course sparks curiosity and provides valuable experiences with computing, design, and problem-solving that will benefit all students, regardless of their future career goals.

Thank you to Mr. Andrew Joyal '11 and our faculty and staff for offering these opportunities to our students!

Students working in a computer lab during a prior academic year.

Students working in a computer lab during a prior academic year.

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