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Introducing the Raider “Shark Tank”

Introducing the Raider “Shark Tank”

A class of 23 budding student-entrepreneurs at Central Catholic re-enacted the hit TV show "Shark Tank," where they presented their innovative business ideas to a group of faculty "sharks." 

The new Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, taught by Mr. Matthew Sansoucie '06 (Math, Business, & Technology Teacher), provides students with a solid foundation in terms of the vital role played by entrepreneur and entrepreneurship in the 21st century global economy.  The course is offered for dual enrollment with Syracuse University so students can receive both college credit and CCHS credit.

"I always watched the show “Shark Tank” in the past," notes Mr. Sansoucie," and I thought it would be a fun way to get the kids to be more excited about developing their business ideas."

Several faculty and staff members assisted in the project.

Faculty Sharks/Investors

  • Mr. Christopher Sullivan '81, CCHS President
  • Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner, Director of Innovation & Academic Technologies
  • Mr. Niall Shanahan, Social Studies Teacher

They served as the "sharks" and ultimately decided which student projects they're going to be "investing" in with their $100,000.

Filming of Presentations

  • Mr. Andrew Joyal '11, Math, Business, & Technology Teacher


Examples of Student Shark Projects

Students worked in groups on their "Shark Tank" projects, which ranged from student help apps, thermochromic materials to keep people warm on the slopes, cleaning up wires in your walls, drawer organization, improved drying technology, and a shopping assistant.

Students presenting their Shark Tank project

Chef IT

One team project named Chef IT (Leah DeLeon '22, Andrew Kelley '22, and Nycolas Cusick '22), offers a service for recent college graduates that provides information on how to prepare and cook meals.

Student Team

  • Leah DeLeon '22
  • Andrew Kelley '22
  • Nycolas Cusick '22

"As seniors, we realized that next year we would be going off to college and that adulting is a very huge part of that adaptation," explained Leah DeLeon '22. "So, we came up with a service to teach young adults how to cook basic meals.

"The most challenging part was figuring out how we would advertise our product to let people know that 'Chef IT' exists. It took some time to get every aspect of the presentation done, but we realized that advertising on social media platforms and presenting short videos on a timeline on how to cook these basic meals would be most effective. The team’s ultimate goal was to satisfy the needs of a target market with something that we were genuinely passionate about."

Students presenting their Shark Tank project

Other Student "Shark" Projects

Students Help Students: an educational app for students to access notes and materials.

  • Tyler Kirby '23
  • Madeline Tattan '22
  • Isabella Mooney '22

Zeion: Custom thermochromic jackets to keep skiers and snowboarders warm.

  • Colleene Kabaria '22
  • Rodney Mbugua '22
  • Tyler Gavriel '22
  • Ben Faletra '23

Organize It: Supportive fabric inserts for clothing drawers.

  • John "Jack" Pelletier '23
  • Aimee Akstin ‘22
  • Tommy Nader '22

My Fridge: An app to streamline grocery shopping.

  • Chen "Cassie" Wang ‘22
  • Jeremy Barton '22
  • Joseph Paglia '22

FreeWire: Simplifies wire placement in walls.

  • Anthony Gaiero '22
  • Evan Tremblay '22
  • Andrew Duval '23


Shark Tank Investments

Students presenting their Shark Tank project


Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner

Mrs. Jodi Linnehan Kriner


Drip n Dry: Washer/dryer combo
Investment: $70,000 for 15% equity
Comments: "Efficient way to do laundry, can have 2 which is appealing. Looking to make this happen asap! :)"

My Fridge: Shopper app
Investment: $20,000 for 10% equity
Comments: "Mr. Sullivan and I are splitting this investment. Will save time when shopping, like that competition has already been evaluated, reminders will be helpful"

Students Help Student: Hw/Study app
Investment: $10,000 for 18% equity
Streamline the study process, easy way to rate, unlimited potential


Mr. Niall Shanahan

Mr. Niall Shanahan


Organize It: Organizer
Investment: $50,000 for 20% equity
Comments: "Great idea and concept. But it will be hard to control production costs esp before you scale up. This means a while until the company is profitable, hence I would want 20% of the company to make this worth the investment."

Chef It: Meal Prep and Teaching Meals 
Investment: $50,000 for 10% equity
Comments: "Great idea and a good demographic to aim at. You will need a lot of additional money besides the $50,000 hence why I could accept 10%."


Mr. Christopher Sullivan

President Chris Sullivan standing in front of Central Catholic sign,


FreeWire Box
Investment: $30,000 for 15% equity
Comments "I need this in my home right now...practical and well thought out!  Let’s make $$$."

Zeion Ski Jackets
Investment: $50,000 for 10% equity
Comments: "I think this will appeal to an upscale fashion-conscious ski market."

My Fridge Shopping App
Investment: $20,000 for 10% equity
Comments: "Much potential and well-sold.  $ to be made!  I am splitting this investment with Mrs. Kriner."


Raider Shark Tank Producer (and Teacher)

Mr. Matthew Sansoucie '06

Mr. Matthew Sansoucie


Thank you to Mr. Sansoucie, our Faculty Shark Investors, and our budding entrepreneurs!


About the Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship Course

Throughout this semester, students will assess, explore, critique, and celebrate the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship as a manageable process that can be applied in a variety of organizational setting. 

The Honors Introduction to Entrepreneurship course has a multi-faceted approach focusing on the following:

  • The creation of new ventures, the ways that they come into being, and factors associated with their success. Students will be encouraged to develop and defend their own set of conclusions regarding each of these issues. 
  • The integration of several disciplines, ranging from sociology and psychology to economics, finance, marketing, and human resource management. 
  • Exploring theory with practice, where students will be challenged to apply principles, concepts, and frameworks to real world situations.
  • Discovering ‘Sustainable entrepreneurship’, entrepreneurship over the life cycles of people’s careers, organizations as they evolve from start-up enterprise to sizeable corporation, and societies as they move from undeveloped to post-industrial. 

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