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Students Recognized for Performance on National Spanish Exam and National French Contest

Students Recognized for Performance on National Spanish Exam and National French Contest

Over 30 students were recently recognized for their impressive performances on the National Spanish Exam and National French Contest – both programs are offered by the American Association of Teachers.

  • Mikayla Almeida '22, Gold in Spanish
  • Merrick Battaglia '22, Silver in Spanish
  • Aidan Bowler '20, Honorable Mention in Spanish
  • Sophia Caffrey '21, Silver in French
  • Zachary Channen '22, Bronze in Spanish
  • Caroline Clark '22, Gold in French
  • Owen Cook '22, Bronze in Spanish
  • Kathryn Corcoran '20, Honorable Mention in French
  • Sara Ducharme '21, Participant in Spanish
  • Enam Fiattor '21, Bronze in Spanish
  • Kristin Gnabasik '22, Bronze in French
  • Zoe Grammas '22, Silver in Spanish
  • Brianna Hasbany '22, Silver in Spanish
  • Felipe Hernandez '22, Participant in Spanish
  • Rachel Holliday '21, Bronze in French
  • Amelia Holmes '22, Honorable Mention in Spanish
  • Mia Jimenez '22, Participant in Spanish
  • Ryan Kazmouz '22, Silver in Spanish
  • Surabhi Keesara '20, Honorable Mention in Spanish
  • Ava Korbani '22, Bronze in Spanish
  • Caroline McLaughlin '20, Participant in French
  • Kathryn Miele '22, Honorable Mention in Spanish
  • Kaiden Nobrega '22, Bronze in French
  • Faith Omosefe '22, Bronze in Spanish
  • Siya Patel '20, Participant in Spanish
  • Erin Reilly '20, Participant in French
  • Madison Renken '20, Honorable Mention in French
  • Yvona Safi '20, Honorable Mention in French
  • Carolina Santana '22, Honorable Mention in French
  • Rabeka Saouma '20, Participant in French
  • Katrina Souter '22, Silver in Spanish
  • McKing Truong '22, Participant in Spanish
  • Emma Walsh '20, Honorable Mention in French
  • Patrick Walsh '22, Bronze in Spanish

Congratulations to these students for their accomplishments, and thank you to Ms. Theroux for organizing this event!

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