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The Central Catholic Theatre Guild Presents…

The Central Catholic Theatre Guild Presents…

A Festival of One-Act Plays

Article posted March 24, updated on April 9.

The Theatre Guild, now in its 50th season, is currently rehearsing and filming A Festival of One-Act Plays that will debut online later this spring.

The festival consists of three show: Trifles by Susan Glaspell, The Summer People by Shirley Jackson, and The Great Pandemonium by Pat Cook. See below for additional details, including a summary, a cast list, and rehearsal photos.

The shows feature three separate ensembles and a handful of individual musical performances.

Image of camera recording students performing on stage

Show Time!

The plays will be broadcast via Zoom:

  • Premiere: 7:00 PM, Friday, April 30

  • Encore Broadcast: 7:00 PM, Saturday, May 1st

Stay tuned for the Zoom Link.

The broadcast will be followed by a talk-back with some cast members and conclude with a special announcement about next year's season.

Congratulations and thank you to the Theatre Guild for creatively and safely producing a theatrical season during the pandemic.

In 2021-2022, we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary and we have picked two great shows that we will announce on April 30.

The performing arts are alive and well in Raider Nation.  As they say in the theater, the show must go on!

Cast posing on stage

The cast of Trifles acts out a murder scene!


A Festival of One-Act Plays

Festival Host: Ranjana Ramesh '23

Cast members standing in front of stage

Cast members from the three shows


The Great Pandemonium

Based on a Comedy in One Act by Pat Cook

Students rehearsing

What could be so hard about producing a high school play? Find out when, a few short days before opening night, a frazzled director tries to run a tech rehearsal. As if an incomplete set, missing cast members, and a loveable but inept sound manager weren’t enough, the principal arrives to see how everything is coming along. What ensues is pure comedy and a chaos that could only be called “The Great Pandemonium.”

Cast poses on stage

Cast of The Great Pandemonium

  • Zarina Pinto '22
  • Mikayla Almeida '22
  • Jonelle Echendu '23
  • Grace Garesché '21
  • Morgan Murphy '22
  • Brianna Hasbany '22
  • Elina Khoury '21
  • Matthew Jackson '22
  • Sean Finn '24

Director: Mrs. Christine Thompson '06



The Summer People 

Based on the Short Story by Shirley Jackson

Students rehearsing

An elderly couple makes a fateful decision to remain at their summer cottage beyond the end of the season. As news of their plan reaches the nearest town, the temperature - and the locals upon whom the couple has come to rely - grow cold.

Cast of the Summer People posing on stage

Cast of The Summer People

  • Altyanah Paul '23
  • Faith Omosefe '22
  • Felipe Hernandez '22
  • Isaac Brickman '21
  • Abigail O’Connell '24
  • Jocelyn Hooper '22
  • Megan Kennedy '23
  • Olivia Benvenuto '21
  • Sofia Ruiz '22
  • Sunthriiwi Venkat '23
  • Thomas Cuddy '22

Director:  Mr. Matthew Joyal '08



Based on the One-Act Play by Susan Glaspell

Student performing on stage

In an isolated farmhouse, early in the last century, a man is found brutally murdered and his wife arrested.  The men who investigate the crime bring two women along to gather the killer's requested belongings.  While there, the women find that their view of what happened does not match those of the investigators. Why did she kill her husband? What clues are hiding in that lonely place?  And will it be the men or the women who crack the case?

Cast of Trifles sitting along edge of stage

Cast of Trifles

  • Isabella Perrotta ‘22
  • Benjamin Harrington ‘23
  • Caroline Clark ‘22
  • Catherine Mangione ‘22
  • Colleene Kabaria ‘22
  • Shaelynn Carey ‘23
  • Teagan Crowell ‘24
  • Trevor Collins ‘22

Director: Mrs. Sharman Merrill ’87SM


View of stage from balcony, behind lighting fixture

The Theatre Guild Crew

The Theatre Guild Crew has constructed a set on stage that will be used for filming each of the three productions. Hair and makeup is working behind the scenes to create concept art of the "look" of each character. (Due to health and safety guidelines, we will not be using hair/makeup for these shows.)

General Crew

  • Tianna Alvarez '22
  • Merrick Battaglia '22
  • Sadie Lopez '22
  • Mikaela Skelley '22
  • James Stanford '22
  • McKing Truong '22
  • Walter Wanyoike '22
  • Sophia Camacho '23
  • Monique Gonzalez-Tellez '23
  • Neko Kady '23
  • Joanirelys Rodriguez '23
  • Elizaveth Welch '23
  • Colton Anderson '24
  • Juliana Bouraphael '24
  • Ava Conroy '24
  • Ruby Curtin '24
  • Jenailis Fuentes '24
  • John Khoury '24
  • Ava Pisecco '24
  • Nadaly Soto '24
  • Annika Widmayer '24
  • Bridgette Caron-DiPietro '24
  • Arnav Lele '24
  • Joseph Musumarra '24
  • Sarahy Peralta '24
  • Luke Surette '24

Hair & Makeup

  • Sophia Caffrey '21
  • Addison Cook '21
  • Leslie Gamez '21
  • Rachel Holliday '21
  • Leann Martinez '21
  • Mary McGinnis '21
  • Sofia Saba '21
  • Makayla Surette '21
  • Arlenny Alvarez '23
  • Cailin Creeley '23
  • Divine Martinez '23
  • Destiny Mejia '23
  • Mariah Navarro '23
  • Patricia Pham '23
  • Erin Torrisi '23
  • Megan Erwin '24
  • Yerlin Garcia '24
  • Jecinta Kamau '24
  • Jassie Leon '24
  • Savannah Lewis '24
  • Ambar Moreno '24
  • Rossy Ovalles '24
  • Nicole Wilsack '24


Director pointing to a spot on stage during rehearsal

The Theatre Guild Staff 

  • Co-Director: Mrs. Sharman Merrill '87SM 
  • Co-Director & Music Director: Mr. Matthew Joyal ‘08 
  • Assistant Director: Mrs. Christine Thompson ‘06 
  • Co-Technical Director: Mr. Andrew Murray 
  • Co-Technical Director Mr. Mark Svendsen 
  • Hair & Makeup Coordinator: Mrs. Alyssa Gowing '05 
  • Video Technician/Guitarist: Mr. Andrew Joyal ‘11 
  • Vocal Coach: Miss Kellie Leavitt
Director and videographer watching stage from seats


Inspirational message from Theatre Guild

About Theatre Guild

Theatre Guild is one of the oldest and largest extra-curricular activities at Central. In a traditional year, we work to stage two productions each academic year. Students of all experiences and grade levels are involved in each show, be it as part of the cast or working backstage on our crew. Auditions are held near the beginning of each semester for those that wish to participate on stage. For those students that wish to be part of crew, we have a variety of roles including hair & makeup, set design and construction, lighting and sound, and hospitality.

Cast members posing for camera
Cast members pose for camera

Good luck to the cast and crew on a successful festival!

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