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The Return of Camp Champ

The Return of Camp Champ

Over 50 Raiders traveled to Camp Marist on Lake Ossipee for the return of Central Catholic’s Camp Champagnat Leadership Institute, held June 13 through June 15.

This was the first Camp Champ held in three years – and it was good to be back!

Students playing the game shipwreck

Day 2 began with a game of shipwreck!

About the Camp Champagnat Leadership Institute

Camp Champagnat is a three-day, two-night leadership experience held after the conclusion of the academic year. The experience helps instill and develop Marist leadership qualities within our students and rising leaders as they prepare for the upcoming year.

Over the course of the three days, students explore several different leadership qualities through activities and fun bonding exercises.

Participants are expected to play a leadership role at CCHS during the upcoming school year, and informal gatherings of participants are held throughout the school year to build on their leadership skills and keep the excitement going.

Camp Champ promotes leadership in the Marist tradition with a focus on understanding Saint Marcellin Champagnat's vision, promoting unity through activities and games, and building community and family spirit.

The quality of CREATIVITY (Love of Work) and is introduced by Mr. Griffin...

"Camp Champ is awesome. I can’t really pin it down to one event. It was a collection of everything we did - from the raft race in the lake, to playing four square in our free time, to the fire on the last night – this experience is one of the highlights of my time at Central!" rising senior Andrew Kriner '23

Team Raft Builds - Creativity & Teamwork

Mr. Joyal and Mr. Svendsen helped demonstrate creativity and teamwork at their best - team raft builds!

Creativity and teamwork at its best - team raft builds!
Students bring raft into water


Thank you to Mr. Blaszak, Director of Camp Champ!

A huge thank you to Mr. Zachary Blaszak, who serves as the Director for Camp Champ.

"I love going to Camp Marist every year. It is a little slice of heaven on Earth for me. The camp and surrounding nature is peaceful and beautiful. It is a place where we can relax after a long school year and celebrate the rising leaders for the next school year. Camp Champ is one of the best experiences that we offer here at CCHS, and I am blessed to be part of it." Mr. Zachary Blaszak, Director of Athletics & Activities

Mr. Erwin introduces the leadership quality of Teamwork - Family Spirit...

Mr. David Erwin introduces the leadership quality of Teamwork - Family Spirit!

Camp also included arts, crafts, singing and dancing...

Student with arms spread
Students working at tables

Ms. Martino introducing our #5 quality, Integrity (Simplicity) "Be honest, sincere and be yourself!"

Teacher addressing camp


A bonfire, s’mores and the Alma Mater! Great times at Camp Champ...

Mr. Sullivan, our President, presents quality #4: Courage - In the Way of Mary...


Thank you to our Camp Champ 2022 student-leaders – recent graduates of the Class of 2022!

  • Selena Raftery '22
  • Andrew Lesofsky '22
  • Patrick Walsh '22
  • Brendan Ferris '22
Student leaders on stage

Thank you to the faculty members who traveled to Camp Champ and made the whole experience possible!

  • Mr. Zachary Blaszak, Director of Athletics & Activities
  • Mr. David Erwin, Chief Advancement Officer
  • Mr. Brian Griffin, Science Faculty
  • Mr. Jeremy Hay '89, World Language Faculty
  • Mr. Matthew Joyal, Social Studies Faculty
  • Ms. Kellie Leavitt, Social Studies Faculty
  • Ms. Anne Martino, Religious Studies Faculty
  • Mr. Andrew Murray, Assistant Principal for Student Success
  • Mr. James O’Neill, Religious Studies Faculty (retired)
  • Mr. Matthew Sansoucie '06, Mathematics, Business & Technology Faculty
  • Mr. Thomas Sipsey '03, Assistant Principal for Student Success
  • Mr. Christopher Sullivan '81, President
  • Mr. Mark Svendsen, Mathematics Faculty
  • Ms. Christine Thompson '06, English Faculty

And thank you to Camp Marist!

A special thank you to the staff of Camp Marist.

In addition to hosting us, they were getting the Camp Marist ready for their 73rd camp season!

They also host the entire Freshman Class each fall for Freshman Day at Camp Marist!

About the Marist Brothers of the Schools

The Marist Brothers of the Schools is a Roman Catholic congregation of vowed teaching brothers founded by Saint Marcellin Champagnat in France in 1817.

Central Catholic was founded in 1935 by Brother Florentius and the Marist Brothers.

Our identity as Marists and as Catholics informs every aspect of school life.

Bro. Rene, arms outsretched

Above photo: Bro. Rene Roy, FMS, '59, Campus Minister and President Emeritus

Being Marist

Guided by the vision of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, we are dedicated to the education and spiritual development of the young. We are called to prepare young minds and hearts to succeed and make a difference in the world.

As Marists, we believe strongly in the importance and power of family; it’s at the very heart of the Central Catholic experience.

So much of what our alumni remember most—the abiding respect for everyone in our community, our commitment to the least favored, the dedication of our faculty, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship, can be traced directly back to the Marist tradition of family spirit.

Student holding sign that says, "Wake, Pray, Slay"

Marks of the Marist Student

  1. Faith-filled Disciples: Marist students come to possess a strong sense of God and a personal relationship with Jesus, Mary and Saint Marcellin fostered through religious formation, a sacramental life, and prayer.
  2. Empowered Witnesses: Marist students, recognizing Mary as their model and companion, become joyful witnesses to God’s love in their lives, enabling them to see Christ in others, to live simply, morally and with integrity, respecting all of life and creation.
  3. Agents of Justice and Service: Marist students grow in their understanding of Catholic social teaching and stand in compassionate solidarity with the least favored.
  4. Leaders: Marist students recognize that they are lovingly created by God with unique gifts and talents which, through their Baptism, they are called to develop and share with the Church and the wider community.
  5. Spirit-filled members of Family & Community: Marist students embody a spirit which celebrates and welcomes all.

Central Catholic High School
A College Preparatory High School of Excellence in the Marist Tradition

Founded by the Marist Brothers in the heart of Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1935, Central Catholic High School enrolls 1,200 students from over 60 cities and towns and several countries. Students come from diverse backgrounds to form a caring community of faith, learning, and service. They advance to college in overwhelming numbers (nearly 100%) and move on to successful careers and positions of leadership in government, business, industry, academia, and professions.

Central Catholic High School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

For more information, please visit, call 978-682-0260, or email

Mission: Central Catholic High School makes Jesus known and loved.
We educate the whole person for college and for life, with particular care for the least favored and those in need.