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Teachers & Staff

Mr. Leal helping a student at his desk.

The faculty and staff at CCHS are a diverse group of extraordinary, dedicated, and caring professionals who know their students well and are invested in their academic success and personal growth. They guide their students, seeing their individual potential and, more importantly, make sure they see it in themselves.

Our faculty and staff lead by example each and every day, helping to instill the values and leadership qualities in our students that will empower them to make the world a better place.

Faculty & Staff Directory

The teachers at Central really do care about you. It feels good to know that they are invested in more than just what you accomplish in the classroom. -Tyler Glynn '19

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Ms. Leonard working with a student.

Mr.  Staropoli w orking with students in the Computer  Lab.

Mr. Chatigny helps a student with his art.

The Faculty & Staff of Central Catholic High School

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Mrs. Earline Tweedie

Director of Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry

Robert Tweedie

Mr. Timothy Vaughan

Science Department

Mrs. Nancy Walsh

School Nurse
Nurse's Office

Mr. Joseph Welch

English Department

Mr. Steve Welsh

Director of Buildings & Grounds
Buildings & Grounds

Mr. Timothy Whyte

Director of Buildings & Grounds
Buildings & Grounds

Mrs. Abbie Winskowicz

School & College Counseling

Ms. Hyun Jin Yoo

Religious Studies Department
< 1 3 4 5 showing 121 - 129 of 129 constituents